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Hey, I'm no-one special really. I've been playing for around seven years, and have ran only a single epic level campaign. I am currently just starting a new one called Pariah, in the world of Archaonus which I have expanded from my original campaign. I prefer to create my own classes etc. I have eighteen in total, which will be posted in time, these are: Guardian, Libranus, Grey Mage, Maid, Harlequin, Witchblade, Xurin Fist, Vanguard, Soarer, Streetfighter, Mortimancer, Counterstriker, Pirate, Igorrrr, Waylander, Seer, Occultist and Witch. At the moment most are being thrashed out in Excel, so aren't ready for transfer. Also I am heavy on the role-playing side, and prefer to create characters that are not as uber as they should be :P. Anything i make is open to criticism and tips, as long as they are not offensive or deliberately counter-productive. I will get the campaign setting and details up eventually, but as it is scaling character statistics will not be uploaded (also due to the fact i am NOT rewriting 70-odd Lv. 60 epic characters into the wiki lol).

A note: I do not have the epic level handbook. therefore, my epic-level characters were made using only the players' handbook, tome of magic, oriental adventures and deities and demigods. no slagging if they're not as good as normal epic characters -.-

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