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Air borne vehicles air ships Galley cost 300.000 GP size class 5 HP 55.000 speed mph 96 War ship cost 250.000 GP size class 4 HP 40.000 speed mph 60 Sailing ship. Cost 100.000 GP size class 3 HP 30.000 speed mph 48 Long ship 100.000 GP size class 3 HP 20.000 speed 72 mph. Kell boat 30.000 GP size class 2 HP 10.000 speed 24 mph Row boat 500 GP size class 1 HP 500 speed 36 mph

Size class Number of cannons

1. 4

2. 24

3. 72

4. 96

5. 120

Lose 1 mph for every 10 cannons on board


Air sack size

1. 10.000 GP + 5 mph

2. 15.000 GP + 10 mph

3. 20.000 GP + 15 mph

4. 25.000 GP + 32 mph

5. 30.000 GP +64 mph

Cost x 1.5 per ship class size

Air sack armour reduce speed buff gained from the air sack by 15 mph Size class 1 2000 GP Size class 2 3000 GP Size class 3 4000 GP Size class 4 5000 GP Size class 5 6000 GP

Carriage bay upgrade 20.000 GP can hold up to six large vehicles such as the carriages or wagons

Swivel cannon upgrade a cannon that can fire directly beneath its self through a port hole in its bace or horizontally through the cannon ports in the side of the ship cost 10.000 GP each

Dragon wagon upgrade harness for dragons dragons not included that help speed up the vessel by adding up to 25% of their strength score to the speed to a maximum of 13 dragons can only be purchased for ships of size class 3 or more 15.000 GP per harness

Damage 1d 4 per cannon standard cannon ball Max altitude 5 miles or 26.400 feet add 1 d 6 damage for every 1.320 feet above the target in addition the chance of missing the target increase by 5% for every 1.320 feet above the target unless you have proficiency then the chance of missing goes up by 5% for every 2.640 feet instead effectively doubling Your hit chance

Armoured hull Thin iron plate add 15.000 HP cost 10.000gp per size class and top speed is reduced by 10 mph medium iron plate add 25.000 HP cost 30.000GP per size class and top speed is reduced by 15 mph heavy iron plate add 50.000 HP cost 60.000 per size class and top speed is reduced by 25 mph

Air sack armour A armoured air sack cannot be slashed open only punctured and adds 1500 hp to the ship per size class And also lose 2 mph per size class

Size class 1 2000 GP Size class 2 3000 GP Size class 3 4000 GP Size class 4 5000 GP Size class 5 6000 GP

Ammunition types for cannons

Standard cannon ball 1 d 4 cost 1 GP

Heavy cannon ball 1 d 8 cost 5 GP

Penetrating shot 1 d 10 cost 5 GP

half as effective against hull armour 

Fires a harpoon type ammunition to puncture a target vehicle and can lift it of the ground or drag it around you can Evan attach to together and fire on your target example a wagon drag it into the air then

use the other attached ammunition to secure 

target to the side of a cliff and drive away and let the people inside figure out how to get down

Chain shot 1 d 6 against most structures butt 1 d 8 against weaker structures like ship rigging or houses cost 10 GP

Heavy bomb 5 d 20 explosive damage to anything in its 50 foot blast radius And 1 d 6 shrapnel damage to anyone in a 60 foot radius cost 500 GP can only

be fired out of the Carriage bay upgrade 

can hold twelve maximum but it takes up parking spots for the vehicles

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