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Play History[edit]

I just started playing not even a year ago and I came into it rather late at the age of 16. I typically use 3.5e rules but I havn't had the chance to even look at a 4e handbook so I don't really know I just have to take peoples word for its complete horribleness. Now my group of friends don't play religiously as in we don't do the persona thing and we don't really do formal experience ( we pretty much level up when my DM thinks its appropriate). We don't have an official campaign setting either but from my DMs babbleing I know we play in a place known as Falrune (or something like that) I think its Ebberon. Now while we don't get to into it I have campaigned an effort to promote the game in my comunnity encouraging people to try it before they condemn it and to show that we aren't just a bunch of devil worshipers but rather just harmless nerds (or maybe not so harmless);)


- Red Mage (3.5e Class)

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