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I'm DragonFist. Obviously, if you've found my page, you're either in completely the wrong place, or have been looking for me. Currently, I am new to the game an could use all the advice I can get. my favorite character to use is a half-green dragon human (excuse any gramatical errors)that uses shruikan and a double bladed sword. he has spent time as a bounty hunter, but tries to avoid killing when possible. If you've ever read any of R. A. Salvatore's works, (i highly reccomend them if you have'nt) I suppose you could liken him to Drizzt, a drow ranger with a deepset sense of honor. A unfortunate accident involving a elven swordmage and a polymorph left him without his acid-breathing powers, but gave him wings and the apility to breath fire. (to keep it legal-well, somewhat- when I play, I take off 5 HP)this character is my namesake, and if you can help me develop him more and figure out a way to make him more leagal, advice (no, flat-out criticisem is not concidered advice in my book. Keep it constructive, I am new at this, so cut me some slack please.)is greatly apricciated. ("Are you insane??????" does not count as advice)

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