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About me[edit]

I'm a USMC vet and use gaming and streaming as a outlet to help myself and maybe others often found an escape from reality was easier than excepting what was in front of me and people were more real. I am verity streamer but focus on mostly creative or strategy style of games.the first game i ever played was runescape i have of 2083 hours of game play. in 2008 I tmed[trademarked) the name Dmoice because it wasn't just a username but a representation of who I am and who we all are Dmoice means Day Maid of ice or Dæmon of ice is greek for god like and latin for demon one of the few words that have a duel meaning it it represents the duality of god and evil which we all have and ice was a nickname i was given when i was younger so combined the two to create the name Dmoice.
I've been playing D&D about 20 years mostly 3.5, and currently 5e. i'm the co creator along side DuelingDuelistDrew (talk) of the homebrew Duel Terminal :Order of the Warlords (5e Campaign Setting)
Im a variety stream on as Dmoice .

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