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Ideas for Temple Campaign Setting[edit]

Ideas of New Campaign settings[edit]

Futurog - a D&D Future Campaign Setting[edit]

Player Information

Player's Handbook
Advice on Creating Characters, and Anything else you might want to know.
The many races you can play as in Futurog.
The many classes you can be in Futurog.
Laws and Honor Codes
Typical laws of most lands.
Equipment Compendium
Futurog Items, Equipment, Guns, Alien Weaponry and Magical Items.
Tome of Magic Spells
Player's guide to Futurog magic spells
Futurog for the military minded
Seafarer's Handbook
The Seafarer & ocean dweller's guidebook
Planewalker's Handbook
A guidebook for players traversing Futurogian planes

World Reference

About Futurog
History about Futurog.
Environments, and Places of Interest
Important places, and Places of Interest, and Environments around Futurog.
Manual of the Planes
Information on the cosmology of Futurog
Futurogian Pantheon
Gods and other Immortals
Organizations and Societies
Notable Groups, Companies, and Organizations in Futurog.
Family Bloodlines in Futurog.
This is the who's who of Futurog. 

Running Futurog

Savage Species of Futurog
Adventure Hooks
These adventure hooks are set in the Futurog setting.
The maps and geographic layout of Futurog.

Futurog on D&Dwiki

Futurog Image Collection
Collection of images used in the Futurog campaign pages
Things To Do

Ideas for Futurog Campaign[edit]

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