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Who I am[edit]

I'll start off with some little info about myself (related to DND that is). I've played DND for about 5 years now, and I started with the 2nd edition. I started as a player, like most people do and I liked the game pretty much, so I decided to stick around with the party for a little while. And here I am, 5 years later, now half-DM, half-player, in edition 3.5.

Me As a Player[edit]

First off, my favorite class. Rogue. I like rogues so much, because I tend to be the crafty type of character. I appreciate being the one to scout ahead of everybody, disarm traps and backstab[1] nasty monsters before they know I'm there. At higer levels, I usually get the shadowdancer prestige class, because it enhances in an awesome way a good rogue, with all the different abilities it gives you.

Me as a DM[edit]

I think that my skills as a DM are half as good as they should be. Let me explain.

  • Creativity: at least 7/10.
  • Originality: at least 8.5/10
  • Structure: about 6/10
  • Storytelling: at best 3/10.
    • Average: 6.1/10

You see? My storytelling skills get the best of my average... I need to improve that.

What I'm working on right now[edit]

I'm currently working on a new campain setting, in a basic but original world that still doesn't have a name. I've got a bunch of cities done and a dungeon nearly complete. Next step will be deities, some legends about who knows what and a bunch of NPCs to populate this newborn world. Then I will make a world map to know where the different cities are located. I'll try to make a page about it.

  • Completion:
    • Cities: 85%
    • Dungeons: 5%
    • Legends: 2%
    • Gods: 0%
    • Maps: 0%


That's about it. If you like this page, either get yourself a good doctor or stay tuned!


  1. I know this is an old term from the 2nd edition but I think it is cooler than "sneak attack"
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