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Little about myself[edit]

I've been looking for something like this for a long time! Often, I find myself unsatisfied with many forum layouts for my homebrew works and discussions of rules, preferring the workings of a wiki. Therefore, I hope to add some contributions in any area in which my expertise falls, or that of my group which consists of all DM's in their own campaigns.

I have been playing actively since 2004, soon after the release of 3.5e. I intend to purchase 4e, though my local game shop (Gamer's Pair-a-Dice) closed before I could get a book there. Therefore, I do not possess much more than a background knowledge of that edition from the Wizards website. However, I pride myself on 3.Xe prowess, and I run two different campaigns in it currently.

History and current projects[edit]

My enthusiasm for D&D started with a full set of 1e AD&D books from my dad, which I pored over religiously. I even tried writing a campaign, based on a "Temple of the Pies." The end of the dungeon was a floor made entirely out of pie, with a treasure in the center. The M. Night Shyamalan twist? It's alive! Anyway, I read up and discovered 2e and 3e, soon to discover that 3e was much easier for writing homebrews and campaigns. Easy formats, and much more intuitive. At this point, I penned my first campaign, based on the city-world of Ravnica. It seemed ideal to me; nearly any thematic design can fit, and a dungeon or urban adventure can start anywhere. The only problem? The plot can get derailed as soon as I start it by troublesome PCs. That's OK, as I'm good enough at making up a plot to put it back on track. It's gone on for more than four years now, and I really wish I could make more time for it.

My other campaign is a collaboration with a friend of mine who plays other tabletop systems, but had not successfully gotten together a D&D campaign. Therefore, we created Portals, an interplanetary world influenced by World of Warcraft. I just got some writing done this summer, but I really don't have much more to say about it. If you're one of the nine players in either of my campaigns, most of what I put up here or anywhere public is OK for you to check without worrying about spoilers, until I choose to apply spoiler tags. More importantly, though, don't edit this page!

Important bits[edit]

There is, of course, a lot I don't know about the inner mechanics of this wiki. The policy here is... concise, and scattered. It would be nice to get it all together, linked from one page, and I'd love to help work on that. If I ever step over the line in any matters, just let me know; I try to uphold some general policy in my operations, like NPA and Civility, though I am only human. Any way I could be better integrated into the general flow of this site would be appreciated. Also, I'd appreciate being the only valid editor in my userspace, unless I am conducting an open project there. If you believe this privacy is counteractive to a wiki's nature, at least discuss it with me before vandalizing me or Climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spider-Man.

One other thing that I notice is a lack of general use of {{Userbox}}, as well as a few of other templates familiar to me. Fun! For once, I'll be able to apply originality. Well, I don't really have time to apply wikification to this right now, but I do love to format.

If you really want to see my previous wiki experience, I possess a userpage at Guild Wars Wiki of which I am pretty proud. They're a bit more active there, but there's a bit more vandal trouble.

Lately, I've noticed that I seem to put up one new homebrew thing every day (according to the UTC times). They may seem random, but I'm actually going through my homebrew notebook, pulling out my proudest, newest, or most balance-needy pieces. I'll compile them in a subpage. Oh, how I love subpages, and the templating of them.

Spells Creatures Classes Feats
Overheat Anvilfist Survivor Haunt Spell
Feign Death Frozen Shade Transluminant Grace Gatherer
Riot Spikes Hauntling Diseased Grace Ritualist
Steeling Stance Drake Psychomage Time Spell

To do[edit]

  • Make some Userboxes.
  • Put up more Homebrewzen.
  • Have a talk page.
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