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Editing Milestones Deletion Milestones
1st edit, Help:FAQ, November 3, 2006 1st Delete, Dominel(Blood and Scale Supplement), December 14, 2006
Minor grammatical edit. Created page incorrectly
10th edit, Talk:Spanimint wine (3.5e Equipment), November 3, 2006 10th Deletion, User:Calidore Chase/cursed, December 20, 2006
Informed the owner of the page that I had made some spelling corrections. No longer needed page.
100th edit, 3.5e Aerial Feats, November 8, 2006 100th Deletion, Talk:Psionics (SRD Special Ability), December 14, 2007
Spelling and grammatical corrections. Unneeded Redirect/no linking pages
1,000th edit, Entry Elevator (Blood and Scale Supplement)‎ , December 29, 2006 1,000th Deletion, Divine Strike (DnD Divine Feat), May 7, 2008
Corrected a category within my Seaside Outpost adventure location. Unneeded Redirect/no linking pages
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