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Pages I Built[edit]



A race of unusual but friendly creatures that are sometimes human, and sometimes not.

The Great Race of Yith

The great researchers of times, places and realities, whose minds are far, far older than their bodies.

Time Lord

The most advanced of any race in the universe.

Clockwork Man

Constructs created through mechanics rather than magic.
Personally, one of my favorites out of everything I've made.

Anomalous Human

Humans with just a little extra added on.
Another one of my favorites.


Hunter of Artemis

A virgin follower of the goddess Artemis, given immortality and glory as long as they remain eternal maidens.


Cyberman / Cybus Industries Cyberman

Once ordinary creatures, the cybermen have been upgraded, stripped of all emotion, and exist only to make every creature in the universe like themselves.


The Daleks never die. They only exterminate.


A construct of great power, geometric shape, and unique personality.

Equipment & Items[edit]


One of the nicest swords you'll ever meet.


It's a boat that goes on land. It also has lasers.

Calibri Cards

The ancient magical master Calibri once left hundreds of strange cards scattered across the world. Each one gives the wielder some strange new attack, defense, or other effect to use in battle.

Cube of Confusion

If you have too many Calibri Cards and not enough brains, why not make Calibri's Cube of Confusion? This massive cube may bestow intelligence and wisdom upon the user, but knowledge always comes at a price, sometimes a high one.

Gooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Ring

It's a ring! It's a cookie! It's the Gooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Ring, ready to make you the most wonderful chocolate chip cookie at a moment's notice!

Thinking Cap

A hat that makes your mind go at a million miles an hour.


Paradise of Cotsu Malcior

A wonderful plane, filled with the most succulent pies imaginable.
Created for Cotsu Malcior.

Variant Rules[edit]

Currency Exchange

While pieces are the most common form of currency in the D&D universe, sometimes you enter a place where such mediums of exchange are unacceptable. Rather, the inhabitants exchange goods and services using some coinage that is completely foreign to you. In that case, one must exchange their money for this new form of currency, so that they may interact with the locals like they would back home.

Warzone Mechanics

Sometimes your players will end up in a big fight, and you don't want to keep tabs on every NPC there. Warzone mechanics give you an accurate representation of a fight that your characters most likely just want to walk through.

Unusual Dice

While this isn't really a rule, it's very helpful for people, particularly wikians, who want a bit more variety in their gameplay, or maybe just think it's cool.

Pages I Helped With[edit]


Font Skeleton

Mysterious monsters that speak using their own unique typefaces.



No dungeon is ready to handle the ultimate dad!

Magic Desert[edit]

I could indeed! I just have to dial up the sun, kick on the de-humidifier and you will have it! It just might take a bit.--Cotsu Malcior (talk) 14:41, 6 June 2018 (MDT)

Well its still a WIP but a promise is a promise! Desert of Calibri (5e Environment)

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