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About me[edit]

I have just started collaborating to this wiki.

Working on Multiworlds project.



  • Underdark is situated far under most domains, and generally connected with and made of other domains' underground layers.





House Rules[edit]


  • Every Domain has a subtype which is applied to all creature in that domain.
  • Environmental and Elemental Racial Variants exists (see Unearthed Arcana).
  • Racial Paragon Classes exists (see Unearthed Arcana).
  • Bloodlines exists (see Unearthed Arcana).
  • Reducing Level Adjustment Rule applies (see Unearthed Arcana).
  • Racial substitution level apply as a standard.


  • All core and sourcebook Classes, along with variants (see Unearthed Arcana, Handbook Player II) are present.
  • Environmental variants are to be taken, as well as Planar substitution levels.
  • Arcane and Divine alternative features are present.
  • Classes and Prestige Classes are limited according to the race and the domain, though this happens on cultural rather than racial basis.
  • Gestalt Characters are possible, though with a 10% penalty on XP, and +1 CR, but should be reserved to PC and Heroic NPCs.
  • Most Prestige Classes (all those having an organization behind) have test-based prerequisites.
  • Sorcerers must have a Dragon bloodline.

Skills & Feats[edit]

  • Complex Skills Checks applies, at discretion of DM.
  • Character Flaws may apply.
  • Character Traits applies to all characters.
  • Weapon Groups Feats apply, with attention to Cultural Weapon Groups also.
  • Spelltouched Feats apply, but only in low and normal magic system.


  • Character Background Options can be used to create NPCs.
  • Craft Points apply only for those character having Craft skill or Item Creation Feat.
  • Action Points are enabled.
  • Mechanical Honour is applied to all characters being members of aristocracy, or of martial classes or where otherwise specificated.
  • Contacts are available to all characters.
  • Reputation applies to all characters.
  • Taint applies.
  • Sanity applies, especially out of one's home domain.



  • Defense Bonus, Armor as Damage Reduction and Damage conversion apply. Note that Armor Bonus stacks anyway with Defense Bonus. (e.g. a 3rd level Fighter with a Full Plate having +7 defense bonus, receives from the Full Plate, +4 armor, DR 4/-, and it can convert up to 4 points of damage in non-lethal damages. So that it has a base AC (w/o Dexterity and other bonuses) of 21 and sheds away or convert the first 8 points of damage. Classes have a Defense Bonus according to the table. No further Defense Bonus apply at Epic levels.
  • Massive damage rules combine size and level, that is half the size threshold (e.g. 50 for a Medium character) plus twice the character level.
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