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I am a 5e DM, so that's pretty cool I guess. I do a lot of homebrew and I hope to create a lot of homebrew content! That's what I want to do at the very least. I do a lot of revisions here on the site and I hope it helps out. I do create my own stuff, but I do think that revising the stuff that needs to be revised is a big part of making this site good. Plus I hate to see other people's ideas and creativity go to waste as it sits in the "improving, reviewing, or removing" section of the page. Thanks for listening/reading.

TO DO LIST[edit]

Okay I mostly have plans to make magic weapons (because they're my favorite) or creatures (because they are fun and very useful). I hope the content I create is satisfactory, but I'm trying my best.


This is a small selection of some of the contributions that I am proud of.

MY FINEST CREATION: PICKLE THE RAT (actually, please don't click on this link, we both know you will be disappointed)

My magic weapons: Aaridytun Flail Demon Slayer Tieren Mythril Trailer The Catcher Orcsbane Beaten Frostrim

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