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About Me[edit]

Oh, hello, I didn't see you standing there. I'm 16 and started playing Dungeons and Dragons when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I've only been part of three games, and one doesn't really count because it was only one session(fail!). The other two I have a hard time getting to, and even then my character isn't that involved :/ I'm currently trying to GM a game between me and a bunch of DnD noobs on the internet, since we all live like 30 minutes away. So far, though, life has prohibited it.

My main focus is on fuedal Japan, and I would add Japanese weapons if there weren't some already. I am heavily into martial arts and kenjutsu, and I breakdance. Yeah, I'm an odd kid.

This is the first wiki I've joined, so I'm still getting used to the formatting and stuff. I prefer not to edit other people's stuff, because I feel I would ruin their vision. I am sad that the only character class I've created so far hasn't been rated. I can't tell if it's unbalanced or not on my own. :( SOMEBODY RATE IT PLEASE!!!! And now I'm done crying. >.>

Pet Peeves[edit]

  • Failure to delete the "delete this line" in the preloads.
  • Giant arguments in the discussion panel that can be watered down to this: "Your class is unbalanced!" "No it's not!" "Is to!" "Is not!" "Is to!"
  • Anime/video game weapons/classes that are either broken, unbalanced, or just really crappy attempts.
  • Final Fanatsy VIII and X.
  • Not finishing something that was started(whether it's myself or someone else).
  • The fact that 4e came out right when I finally amassed a (un)reasonable amount of books concerning 3.5e. If WotC thinks I'm spending $40 on all new books, they're wrong.

Current Projects[edit]

  • Finish the Time of Gods and Men. (I'm working on it. Slowly.)
  • Create two new classes: The Boneblade, a strange fighting who can manipulate his own bones and use them as weapons, and the Splitter, an annoying combatant that can split himself to overrun battlefields and avoid taking damage(this will probably turn out badly, but I'll try). I might also make my own samurai variant, but there are a lot of those already so probably not.
  • Create three new prestige classes: The Bone Dancer, a variant Dervish designed for members of the Boneblade class, and the Nito-ryu expert, an oriental swordsman who focuses on using the katana and wakizashi at the same time, and a Ronin prestige class that doesn't suck.
  • Finish that campaign setting!
  • Create my own version of the Kusanagi no Tsurugi.
  • Edit all of the Oriental-influenced base classes that are stubs and need formatting changes so that they can be recognized with the rest of the base classes(because I really like Oriental settings)
  • Edit all of the Oriental-influenced prestige classes so they no longer have their bad bumpers.
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