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Im a Neophyte when it comes to D&D. I have about 4 years worth of gaming experience (which isn't much compared to those who have been paying all their lives.) I am currently in an online campaign called "Greenwood". My present PC is a Monk/Cleric.


Orin Rothhar: Male Human Scout 8/Horizon Walker 2. Present character in the Dragon Sea adventure.

Mectu Ironfist: Male Human Cleric/Monk 12. A Gestalt character that I played in the Greenwood campaign.

Novar Hilarion Thornbush: Male Gnome Rogue/Ranger Level 6. Status: R.I.P. (double Critical from an Aranea).

Willowleaf: Male Wood Elf Druid Level 8. Status: MIA. Didn't see much action as the semester got busier.

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