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To do list[edit]

Magled (did I get his name right?) had an interesting idea for a set of 3 level knight prestige classes which seem to be related. I see there being two paths. The knights of Valor will be restricted by nobility, and named after precious metals (Silver, Gold, Platinum). The knights of Justice will be restricted to strong and just warriors, and named after combat metals (Bronze, Iron, Steel). The best of these may, at high level, strive to join the ranks of the Mithral knights, and the best of those strive to join the nearly epic Adamantium knights. K, looked at all of Magled's knights, and I think I see where he was coming from (I hope). The classes are near-epic, requireing 15th level to join, and most seem to be oriented towards particular types of base classes (gold knight for clerics, silver seems to be for rangers, iron seems to be for some sort of caster, not really sure), then Mithral and Adamantium are a step above that. Unfortunatly, we run into a feat problem, at 15th level, a human only has 7 feats. The base knight classes require 4 each, Mithral requires 4 that are not taken to get the other classes, but this is still OK, as 3 levels of some other knight will get an 8th feat. But Adamantium requires 8 feats, only 4 of which will be taken getting two other knighthoods. So one must be 30th level to be an Adamantium knight. Also, all of this assumes that all feats taken are put in exalted deeds feats, no power attack or point blank shot for you... So what I am going to do is re-name the classes Coreanic Silver knight, Coreanic Gold knight, etc. Then set up the knights I put above, with some different nationality, these will be set up so that the first order can be reached at 5th level, the second at 8th, the third at 11th, the forth at 14th and the last at 17th (this allows them to be non-epic). Magled's classes I will think about, but I think the solution is to grant one of the requirement feats upon taking the class. This reduces the requirement per class to 3 feats, making even adamantium knight achievable at 21st level-drat, will still have to work on that... Also, here is my fix for Persistant soul:

Persistant soul, At each level of Iron Knight, the character may increase his level by one for a single previous class feature. A barbarian could gain a level for rage purposes, a monk for AC, or for movement (not both), a paladin for lay on hands. If spellcasting is chosen, the caster level increases by one, and the character gets one additional spell slot at a level they can already cast, and learns one new spell at some level they can already cast (does not need to be the same spell level). The second, forth, sixth, etc. level that this benefit is gained, the character can either choose as above, with the benefit that the spell level may be one level higher than the highest level they could cast, or they can instead sacrifice the benefits gained from this and the previous persistant soul to gain spells as though they had gained one level in their base class.

Rating every class for balance if I have sourcebooks for it-this could take a while.

Putting up at least one NPC per main class.

New classes: Arcane Warrior, a Fighter type who uses arcane energies to power his combat, can fight better than a normal warrior for short periods of time, but fades like a wizard when arcane energy is depleted. Herald, bard type assistant to lords or generals, specializes in conveying commands, inspiring troops, preventing friendly fire, and making sure the troops know where the leader is. Some bodyguard and spell defense roles. Geo-Warrior, a ranger type who can quickly assess terrain, gains some mobility, improves flanking, and can assist friendlies with terrain. Smart, leader type warrior. Bodyguard, a fighter type (may cross over to D20 modern easily) who has special ability to exchange places with one or more defended persons when they are attacked (probably making them prone when activiated at lower levels), enhanced spot, may take some monk abilites (deflect arrows?). Will edit this to add more or cross off goals complete, this is a list for me, but open to suggestions.--Aaror 09:46, 30 January 2007 (MST)

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