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(quick summary for now)

  • Born a princess
  • Falls in love with a hero (Fenrick) from an enemy kingdom
  • Secretly marries said hero, abandoning her birthright
  • Her father captures them when they attempt to cross out of his borders
  • Her father tortures and executes Fenrick -- she makes a promise that she will use all her power to bring them together again
  • Her father confines her to a tower and immediately arranges a marriage
  • Meanwhile, her father's evil mage advisor raises Fenrick as a Zombie
  • The mage taunts Tethys by showing her that he has turned Fenrick into a mindless undead creature
    • The mage unveils his master plan to start a war by having Tethys, on their wedding night, murder the man she is arranged to marry. He claims that he will destroy Fenrick's soul (which he apparently exacted from the body) if she does not go through with it.
  • Somehow, with a lot of luck and some help from the nanny that raised her, she escapes, stealing both Fenrick's body and his soulstone, hoping she can find a way to bring her true love back to life.
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