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Hello eveyone!

Im back and better then ever! It would seem i have been hacked on my other Email so inorder for me to continue contributing i had to create a new account. (Sadface) But i'll be looking over my earlier projects first and finish them entirely so that you can all fully enjoy them. D:

I am Caim_Frostheart. A GM&Player of D&D #3.5e, and a player of Exalted. But ofcouse iam also a maker of Classes & other ingame material that one might desire. Due to irl reasons i no longer do requests. (Aint got the time for it)

Well heres some more Infomation on 'me'

Im a strange Psychotic lunatic. (x,x)O-(-.-Q) I live in Denmark in a city named Horsens(The big one. Seemingly theres two of them....) Im 19 years old, and currently im a student aiming to be a translator.

German and English are my best languages and next year i'll start on Japanese.

My submitted work so far is:

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