Urbanmeld (3.5e Divinemeld)

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Divinemeld of urban deities

Prerequisite: City Domain.

You gain a +2 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Gather Information, Knowledge (local) and Sense Motive checks. You treat these skills as class skills as long as this divinemeld is shaped. You gain the benefits of the Urban Tracking[1] feat.

Essentia: You may increase the bonus to skill checks by 2 per every point of essentia invested in this soulmeld.

Chakra bind (Divine Soul)

You gain the swift tracker feature for Urban Tracking: you may make a Gather Information check every half hour without taking the normal -5 penalty. You have to choose a city while binding this soulmeld: every inhabitants, organization and authority of the city treats you with more respect, fear or compliance than normal, as you're intuitively seen as an important figure.

You may replicate the spell city's might[2] as swift action: you gain the following bonuses for one round per essentia point invested + 1, depending on which kind of settlement you are in, as showed on the table below.

Settlement Size Strength and Constitution Bonus Damage Reduction
Large Town or smaller +2 2/adamantine
Small City +4 4/adamantine
Large City +6 6/adamantine
Metropolis +10 10/adamantine

After the effect ends, the bind is unshaped.

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