Unusually Formed Body (3.5e Flaw)

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Unusually-Formed Body[edit]

There are parts of your body that are different from most other humanoids.
Prerequisite: Humanoid
Effect: Choose two of the twelve magic item body slots. You normally cannot wear magic items designed for those two slots - your body in those locations are such an unusual shape that such objects will not adjust to fit you. In addition, your general clothing, outfits and armor must be custom-made. Unless you are wearing rags or self-made clothing, you pay x2 the normal cost. Magic items specific to one of your unusual body slots costs x1.5 the normal cost (e.g. a pair of Bracers of the Dawn for unusual arms would cost 39,000gp instead of 26,000gp) and require an equal amount of added time to create.
Benefit: For every two slots you choose for this flaw you may gain either one extra feat or one natural attack for the corresponding slot (EG: Hands can give a claw attack, head with horns give a gore, heavy or pointed arms give a slam, etc.). If a natural attack is chosen, only one of the chosen slots will gain the function and damage corresponds to your size category/creature size(EG: a claw attack of a medium size creature is 1d6, large 1d8, small 1d4 etc).
Special: Here are some of the common unusual body parts and the item slot they usually correspond with: Horns, snout: Head. Snout: Eyes (hard to wear glasses when the bridge of your nose is above your eyes instead of between them). Wings, bony spikes, nonhumanoid bodily proportions: Torso/Body. Claws, unusual number of fingers: Hands. Tail, unusually formed legs: Legs. Hooves, unusually formed feet: Feet. Note: Absence of body parts should also be taken into account. For example, if you have tentacles instead of hands, you can't wear most gloves.
Roleplaying Ideas: The blacksmith scratched his scalp. He had just finished an odd discussion with an elven wizard. The elf had ordered a set of half-plate with strange specifications. The helmet had to have a few holes at the top, about a good 6 inches apart on the brow and a few behind those in rows, and the armor for the legs and feet had to be strangely shaped. On top of that he had to leave some open spaces in the gauntlets and make adjustments for shoulders far larger than normal. The blacksmith shook his head again. "If I did not know the man better, I might 'ave been inclined to get the guards to question him about arming a demon," he thought. "But you know.. Ain't nobody can understand dem wizards."

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