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Unguent of the Elements[edit]

This is an ointment which is usually prepared in a container which holds 5 doses. When combined with a mundane spell component, it can have a variety of effects. One dose can only be used on one target.

Adding 200 gp worth of diamond dust to a dose gives it an effect similar to stoneskin (DR 5/adamantine for 1 hour, max 75 damage).

Adding 200 gp worth of oil, flint, and sulfur compounds to a dose gives it the ability to coat a weapon or 20 pieces of ammunition (can also be used on a natural weapon). It will cause that weapon to deal 1d6 points of additional fire damage whenever the weapon hits. If it is a natural weapon, it does 1 point of damage to the attacker due to residual flames from the strike. This effect lasts 1 hour, and is in addition to any other magical effects on the weapon (this effect is alchemical, so it doesn't override the magical qualities of the weapon).

Adding 200 gp of silver dust to a dose gives it a waterwalking effect for 1 hour as the water walk spell.

Adding 200 gp of emerald dust to a dose gives it an airwalking effect for 1 hour as the air walk spell.

Effects can be dispelled. Treat as 3rd level effects which were cast by a 6th level spellcaster. It can be identified with a DC 20 Craft(alchemy) check and crafted with a DC 25 Craft(alchemy) check. No knowledge of the related spells (stoneskin, flame arrow, water walk, air walk) is needed to create the unguent, but it is necessary to make a DC 15 Spellcraft check when using the item if the component spell is not known. Failure means that the unguent fails, but can be reused with a successful check.

Price (per dose): 150 gp

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