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Undines are a likeable people that serve as clerics, so they tend to have the crowd's favor. Undines can run shops or be an adventure to help people along with their Support Magic.

Physical Description[edit]

Undines are noted for one keen feature of their race, their blue hair. They also tend to have blue eyes going with their hair. Undines are also a rather light race, due to this lightness, they can Wall Run. Undines usually weigh no more than 130 lbs and can weigh down to 60 lbs. They are like any other Medium sized creatures so they stand around 5 feet to 8 feet.


Undines are a likeable people. They tend to clear conflicts between people and they are also great shop keeper. Undines are great when it comes to those in need, due to them being great support casters.


Undines are usually great around people. They tend to be the greater will of the people, trying to help all they come in contact with. (Good) They truly can be unpredictable at most times, although they are likeable, so this throws a wrench into people predicting them. (Neutral) This is the most common of the race, but evil Undines are not unheard of.


Undines have an affinity dealing with water. This leads them to live near water, usually an Ocean or Sea. They can also be found on land lock areas, but tend to find areas that have a strong river or lake nearby. Undines are also quite fond of traveling due to them having a supreme amount of power with Support Casting.


Undines are in touch with their natural water type. This leads them to worship Obad-Hai, a god of water. They are not unheard of to follow gods that are under the Traveling Domain.


Undines always know Common and Elvish. They ,however, can learn any other language including Abyssal, but not Draconic or Druidic. They cannot learn Secret Languages.


Undine family names hang around Water. They family clan names are not exorbant such as a Human.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 Wisdom, +2 Intelligence and Charisma, -2 Strength: Undines are one of the greatest Support Casters that walked the earth. They also require the memory to remember Spell Key Words when casting and in all honesty, usually settle all of conflicts in the group. Due to being great casters, this has affected their way with weapons, leaving them with not much energy.
  • (Fey) Humanoid: Undines are Elvish people that live around Aquatic areas with affinity to use the water as weapons.
  • Medium: No Size Bonuses
  • Undine base land speed is 40 feet: Flight:90, Swim 30.
  • Flight(Su): Undines can fly with wings that can be summoned and dismissed at will, but cannot fly for more than 10 minutes. They have good maneuverability with these wings and have a flight speed of 90. They must attempt to fly outside, outside of combat as well. They must try three times before they can fly, and there must be 10 minutes between attempts. They can fly only under Sun/Moon light. They retain these wings until their death. These wings are blue. These wings make noise that a DC 15 Listen check hears.
  • Support Magic (Sp): At Level 1, Undines are masters of Support Magic. They can cast 7 Spells from the Cleric Spell list up to level 6 Cleric spells, however, they cannot use damaging Cleric Spells from this power. They can only use powers that heal or help their group.
  • Wall-running (Ex): At Level 1, Due to being at light race Undines can run up walls. Normally they can get up to 10 meters, however if they have a Dexterity modifier above +5 they can run up to 30 meters as a Full Round Action as if using the Run ability. They must end on a surface that they could stand on, if they do not make it to a surface as like, they may flip off of the wall and end their turn in the air.
  • Under Water Combatants (Ex): At Level 1, Undines have the adept ability to fight underwater. They can act as if they had Water Breathing cast on them and they infer no penalties when swinging weaponry under water.
  • Water Control (Su): At Level 5, Undines can control the waters for 1d6+2 rounds. This can be used as Weaponry that you add your Wisdom Mod to damage. You can make 4 attacks in a round as a full round action. The water can either be used as Blunt, Slashing, or Piercing. The water does 1d10 per attack. The critical range is 16-20 and is x2.
  • Automatic Languages: Common Elvish. Bonus Languages: Any besides Secret Languages like Druidic.
  • Favored Class: Cleric.
  • Level Adjustment: +1

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