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Underfoot Striker [Feat Types (Halfling Racial.)][edit]

Can occupy space of another creature one size category larger.
Prerequisite: Halfling,Dex 13+, Tumble 4 ranks
Benefit: As a Halfling you've grown accustomed to the world of the Bigs. This feat allows you to move through and occupy the same space as any creature one size category larger than you and allows you to attack that creature. When moving through an occupied space AoO may come from those within five feet however there is a 50% miss chance that they'll hit the larger creature instead. This feat cannot be taken with Underfoot Combat. The creature you share the space with cannot attack you.
Normal: You can move through a space occupied by another character with a tumble check but can't end the move action in their space.
Special: Called shots by creatures other than the creature that your character is sharing a space with have a 75% miss chance.

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