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Underdark Ranger[edit]

Tha'shai sniffed the air. Goblins... at last! His prize! They where just ahead. He creaped up cauciously, and darted out of the rocks, grabbing one of them and pulling its struggling form into the darkness. It did not cry out, for his hand covered its mouth.

Underdark Rangers are stealthy drow who specialise in tracking slaves and drow enemies through the underdark, to destroy them from behind, stealthily.

Adventure: Underdark rangers normally adventure in the underdark as a service to Lolth, or to bring back slaves for the drow cities. Afew drow who turn from the drow path become Underdark Rangers to track down and slay drow slavers, and to generally cause the drow greif (usually in the survace of arachne).

Characteristics: Chaotic Evil Underdark Rangers care nothing of the suffering of others, wishing only to cause pain and suffering, and to prove their worth. Chaotic good Underdark Rangers wish to remove the prejudice upon them, and wish to destroy those that forged the renown of the drow. Both are stealthy characters, always on the alert. It is very difficult indeed to sneak up on a Ranger, though it is not impossible...

Religion: Most Underdark Rangers worship Lolth. The few that don't are rebel drow who worship Arachne.

Background: Underdark Rangers where origionally rangers who worked as slavers to track down creatures to make slaves. Some then adapted their fighting stile to track creatures around the Underdark. These passed on their art to any who wished to learn the art of tracking in the Underdark.

Races: Drow are the only race that become Underdark Rangers, therefore they are the only race that can become them.

Other Classes: Amongst clerics they are just useful resorses who wish to prove their worth to Lolth. To other classes they are not to be trusted, for drow are known to kinslay...

Role: Underdark Rangers are the scouts of an underdark adventuring party, scouting ahead of the group and tracking...enemies.

Alternate Features[edit]

Class: The Underdark Ranger is an alternate Ranger.

Favored Enemy

You may also choose specific favoured enemies from this list: Chitine, Deep Imaskari, Drow, Duergar, Gloaming, Grimlock, Kuo-Toa, Slyth, Svirfneblin, Derro, Mind Flayer, Minotaur, Orog, Quaggoth, Tanarukk and Troglodyte. The normal favored enemies do not include creators from the above list (Humanoid (Elf) does not include Drow). Specific favoured enemies grant the Underdark Ranger double the normal bonus that the Underdark Ranger would get from a non-specific favoured enemy (chosen from the table: Ranger Favoured Enemies).

Wild Empathy

An Underdark Ranger treat spiders (including Monstrous Spiders) as Animals for the purposes of Animal Handling.


An Underdark Ranger gains a +2 Competence bonus for tracking in the Underdark (or other cavern complex, etc), and a -2 Competence penalty for tracking elsewhere.

Animal Companion

An Underdark Ranger's animal companion may only be a Medium Monstrous Spider. The spider's Hit Dice are still restricted by the Underdark Ranger's level.

Cavern Stride

Taken instead of Woodland Stride. An Underdark Ranger may move at full speed through rocky areas, ignoring damage taken from sharp rocks, as if it was open ground. This does not include areas magically enchanted to impede movement.

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