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Underbow wine: Few know of the families of Sumtanian elves who bottle this wine. Fewer still know how to convince them to part with it. It take the best part of the fruit of an entire orchard to make a single bottle of this wine. About three cases are made each year. It is however desired by nobles, merchants and churches the world over for its amazing restorative properties.

It costs 220gp for a glass of this wine or 600gp for a bottle. The small unadorned bottles that hold this pale yellow wine are only large enough to hold three glasses.

Those who drink the wine are instantly freed from any charms or compulsions and within an hour are cured of all diseases that they are afflicted by. Finally it grants a +2 bonus on the next caster level check they are required to make provided it occurs within an hour.

When using these rules then it is treated as a 75 PR.

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