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This section presents variants that affect the way magic works in the campaign, from alternative spellcasting systems to metamagic components to new rules for magic items. Some of these variants, such as the magic rating rules, affect almost all characters throughout their careers. Others, such as the item familiar rules, only affect characters who pursue specific paths.

Several of the options presented here give you tools with which you can personalize and customize your campaign world. For instance, the variant summoning lists enable you to give flavor and personality to a spell, showcasing differences between casters and making each one feel unique.

The variants in this section are organized in ascending order of their likely impact on a campaign. The earlier variants, such as magic rating or metamagic components, aren't likely to change the overall game nearly as much as the later variants. Of course, this is hardly a scientific measurement, since every campaign is different, but it gives the DM a general idea of the significance of each variant.

Not all of these variants are compatible. In general, each variant tweaks a specific area of the core rules regarding how magic works, but relies on the rest of the rules remaining as written. If you use multiple variants in the same campaign, take care to evaluate how these variants interact with one another.

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