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Wilderness Background

This background is a feature of characters who spend most of their time in the forbidding wilds, far from the comforts of civilization. Because such a character often leads a solitary existence, there's almost no opportunity for recognition. Only a character who undertakes the hunter-gatherer activity has a chance to attain a higher rank (that of chieftain, and it's only attainable once), with ranks in Survival providing a bonus on the recognition check.

Wilderness Background Activities
d% Activity Class Feats Skills Gear Contacts Rep Recognition
01-12 Hunter Gatherer Barbarian Track, Self-Sufficient Survival, Spot, Listen, Climb, Swim Weapon Skill +0 Chieftain, DC 28
13-25 Nature Guardian Druid Natural Spell, Combat Casting Concentration, Spot, Survival, Spellcraft, Knowledge (nature) Armor Information +1/2 -
26-36 Game hunter Ranger Weapon Focus, Improved Critical Survival, Spot, Listen, Hide, Move Silently Weapon Skill +0 -
37-47 Explorer Ranger or horizon walker 1 Alertness, Endurance Survival, Knowledge (nature), Spot, Listen, Knowledge (geography) Wondrous item that aids movement Information +1 -
48-56 Hermit Druid or Sorcerer Spell Focus(Illusionism), Spell Focus (Enchantment) Survival, Concentration, Spellcraft Staff or wand Skill +0 -
56-66 Wandering minstrel Bard Alertness, Endurance Perform, Survival, Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (nature), Spot Weapon Influence +1/2 -
67-79 Nature worshipper Druid Spell Focus (Transmutation), Spell Focus (Conjuration) Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (religion), Survival, Spellcraft, Concentration Staff or wand Information +0 -
80-90 Highwayman Rogue Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm Survival, Intimidate, Hide, Move Silently, Bluff Armor Information +1/2 -
91-100 "I walk the earth." Barbarian or Monk Endurance, Combat Reflexes Survival, Climb, Hide, Move Silently, Swim Wondrous item that protects - +0 -
1 Indicates a prestige class. Only available if the class is allowed in the camaign.

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