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This final chapter of the book includes a miscellany of variant rules and subsystems that affect the way a campaign works. These variants don't change individual characters or tactics, but instead represent shifts in either the way the world works - such as rules for honor, taint, or sanity - or how the game handles certain behind-the-scenes elements (such as experience points).

As wide-reaching effects, these variants each have the ability to change your game in ways both dramatic and subtle. Many suggest new options for character classes, feats, spells, magic items, and other modular elements of the game. If you include one or more of these variants, consider supplementing it with options for the characters to more fully interact with the variant rule(s). For instance, the reputation rules lend themselves to the creation of feats, spells, and magic items that enhance or detract from an individual's reputation score; you can either design these yourself or work with your players to come up with interesting options.

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