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A three-pronged flame

Domains: Insanity, chaos, discord, magic, change

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Tzen'nethar is the patron deity of insanity, chaos, magic and change. He is also the creator and patron of his servants, the Bedlamlings or Tzen'aar. He has no care about the struggle between good and evil, placing far more weight on the war between Law and Chaos, believing chaos to be far more vital than order in the structure of the universe. However, he is extremely intelligent and a capable schemer, as well as a master of magic and other such powers. His Avatar resembles a mad, insectoid jester, constantly changing form and shape, being a transient entity with no true form.

He commands his home plane, the Realm of Madness, a dominion of madness and insanity, floating in the Astral Sea. From it he sends visions and commands to his followers, and from these visions they have guessed the central tenets of his worship.

  • Change is glorious. Revel in it.
  • Madness is for the strong; sanity is for the weak.
  • Chaos is the only true answer.

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics of Tzen'nethar undergo no real training, but are taught their powers in dreams and visions that come from nowhere and depart just as suddenly. They have no hierarchy as such, instead having a bizarre system where people may rise and fall in power depending on the time of day or year, or any random events.


The rites of Tzen'nethar are strange and bizarre, sacrifices to the Changelord. They often include mysterious rites that none have ever seen, and random, inexplicable actions.

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