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A very rare metal similar to Adamantine but is far more heat resistant and brittle, while also being much heavier (+50% weight of created item). Tungsten is so rare and hard to forge that any item crafted from it is always masterwork.

Any bladed weapon made with Tungsten automatically gains Razor Sharp weapon trait (+1 on damage rolls, +1 to attack rolls against light non-metal armors and flesh), due to this Tungsten bladed weapons must consistently be sharpened or they will become more prone to breaking.

Arrows are not made of Tungsten but instead have the tips of them dipped in it to give it more stopping power (+1 to damage)

Only armors that are made of metal can be made with Tungsten. Because of its brittleness armor made with Tungsten is less resistant to piercing weapons (-1ac vs piercing).

All armors made with tungsten are heavier than other metals but offer higher armor bonuses (Light: +2ac, -1 max dex, -1 check penalty, +10% spell failure. (Medium: +3ac, -2 max dex, +2 check penalty, +15% spell failure.) (Heavy: +4ac, -3 max dex, +3 check penalty, +25% spell failure.)). Shields made of Tungsten follow the stats for armors (light shield = light armor, heavy shield = medium armor), except tower shields, tower shields weigh twice as much as other metals (+5 ac, -3dex, +3 check penalty, +40% spell failure).

Tungsten item are so brittle that unless properly maintained they will break, if broken it will take a expert blacksmith 1d12 days to fix it, at 3/4 of the full cost of the item.

If a successful sunder attempt is made against an item made of Tungsten using an item made of Adamantine than the item can be broken or destroyed(1st successful sunder=broken, 2nd=destroyed), if an item made of Tungsten is destroyed than it will take an expert blacksmith 1d4 weeks to reforge it at full cost of weapon.

Tungsten has a hardness of 18 and an hp of 3 per inch of metal. Tungsten can be forged with other metals to make it less brittle much in the Damascus metal style, but it will lose some of its hardness making it barely harder than Mithral (16 hardness, hp of 5 per inch of metal), Tungsten cannot be mixed with Mithral.

Tungsten is extremely resistant to heat, it takes 2 days for a forge to heat it to its melting point, even dragons breath is very inefficient against it taking up to an hour to melt with a constant fire breath weapon. (-3/4 fire damage)

Type of Damascus Steel Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +700 gp
Light armor +4,000 gp
Medium armor +8,000 gp
Heavy armor +12,000 gp
Shield +1,500 gp
Weapon +2,000 gp

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