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Exotic Two-Handed Melee
Critical: ×2
Range Increment: 10 ft
Type: bludgeoning
Hardness: 5
Size Cost1 Damage Weight1 hp
Fine * 1d2 * 1
Diminutive * 1d3 * 1
Tiny * 1d4 * 2
Small 5 gp 1d6 4–1/2 lb. 5
Medium 5 gp 1d8 9 lb. 10
Large 10 gp 2d6 18 lb. 20
Huge * 3d6 * 40
Gargantuan * 4d6 * 80
Colossal * 6d6 * 160
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.

Tsukobo has reach and can attack enemies from 10 ft, but cannot be used against adjacent foes.

Tsukobo does non-lethal damage.

The character wielding Tsukobo can perform Trip Attacks using it.

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