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Meant as an alternative for the rather static and uninspired d20 Future androids that, in my opinion, are too deeply seated in DnD constructs. They can be used alongside those robots by describing them as having circularoty systems and so on.


Sentient computing is commonplace, in devices at least the size of a room, perfect human (or at least near perfect) replicas are also commonplace. But combining the two is nearly impossible. The CPU of an android, even with molecular programing, is about the size of a football. There is simply nowhere in any racial frame (except Graguans) where you can fit that large a computer. Androids do not appear human, only human like. They may be over proportioned, or flat and panely. In short, no one could ever mistake an android for a humanoid. Androids are also (now) very hard to make and as a result they are treated quite well. Once there were complex software and hardware templates that enabled mass production, but they were destroyed by their creator, an android now revered by all others as nearly godlike (intentional programing code that was in the areas of the template that where salvaged). All androids love their M.O.T.H.E.R. (Multiple Option Technological Hardware Extrapolation Resource).

Racial bonuses[edit]

Abilities: +2 int, +4 str OR dex. -2 Cha, -6 Con. Smart and often strong or fast, there is a lot of delicate stuff in there!

Medium size (the CPU makes smaller ones impossible and larger ones invariably have info transmition issues)

Base speed: 20 or 30 if +4 dex chosen.

Racial hit dice: Two Humanoid (renamed android) hit dice to represent body mass)

Not human: Do not gain a bonus feat at the first level or bonus skillpoints. Most Androids are so old however (and those that aren't are expensive enough to warrant programming very well) that they do gain a background.

Immunities: Androids are immune to poison, disease, suffocation, starvation, sickness, nausea, aging and space sickness. They are still vulnerable to critical hits.

Mechanical: Repair works on androids like treat injuries does on organic life forms. They also possess limited self repair circuits that heal 1/2 their hd in hp every 24 hours.

Hardness: All androids have a hardness of 6.

Quirky: Either due to age or the new "reto-enginered programing methods" androids have odd behaviour caused by logic loops. Choose three relatively common situations and assign each a confusing but not suicidal action (humming "My little teapot" in the presence of men wearing green, for example)

LA:+0 (but 2 rather weak racial hit dice)

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