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This subtype pertains to celestials that make up the Coelesti Hierarchia and that inhabit the various celestial spheres that exist in this and any other cosmology (such as the hierarchy of angels, the devagati, and other such places).

Contrary to popular belief, celestials can be good, evil or neither. Some are trustworthy, yet others are as fickle as the four winds.


A true celestial possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

  • True Celestials always embody a single alignment; they are either chaotic, evil, good, or lawful, but never any combination thereof (they always have one neutral alignment axis). A true celestial of a certain alignment also has that alignment subtype.
  • d10 Hit Die. This overrides the outsider's usual d8, but does not supplant additional class HD. A true celestial has maximum hit points for each of its Hit Dice.
  • A base movement speed as per the following table.
Table: True Celestial Speeds
Size Speed (Biped)1 Speed (Quadruped)2
Fine 10 ft. 20 ft.
Diminutive 15 ft. 30 ft.
Tiny 20 ft. 40 ft.
Small 30 ft. 50 ft.
Medium 40 ft. 60 ft.
Large 50 ft. 80 ft.
Huge 60 ft. 100 ft.
Gargantuan 80 ft. 120 ft.
Colossal 100 ft. 140 ft.
  1. Or any form with two or fewer legs.
  2. Or any form with three or more legs.

Note: Use the Biped column for burrow and swim speeds for all
celestials regardless of form. Use half the value in the Biped column
for climb speeds for all celestials. Use twice the value in the
Quadruped column for fly speeds for all celestials capable of flying.

  • Deflection bonus to Armor Class equal to their Charisma modifier.
  • Rank: Every true celestial has a rank ranging from 1 to 9, where 1 is the lowest and 9 is the highest. This rank is not to be confused with divine rank. A celestial's rank gives it a multitude of bonuses.
  • Divine Aura (Su): A true celestial has an aura that functions like a globe of invulnerability , as detailed in the spell description. Their spell resistance still applies to spells of higher levels.
  • Divine Presence (Su): Any creature sharing the true celestial's alignment, within a distance of 10 feet plus an additional 10 feet per its rank, is protected as per a holy aura (or its chaotic, evil or lawful counterpart). Otherwise, the divine presence functions as a magic circle against alignment effect with regards to the celestial's opposed alignment, and a globe of invulnerability with respects to spells of a level up to half the celestial's rank (rounded up). These effects are emanations that extend out up to 10 feet plus an additional 10 feet per the celestial's rank.
  • Smite (Su): A true celestial can smite its foes. Every time a creature that doesn't share a true celestial's alignment is hit by one of its attacks, they are dealt extra damage as though affected by a holy smite spell with a caster level of 1 + the true celestial's rank. There is no save for half damage. In this case, the damage listing of the spell pertains to creatures of alignments opposed to that of the celestial (not necessarily evil). For example, the smite ability of a chaotic celestial affects creatures that are either lawful or neutral on the ethical alignment axis. A true celestial may use its smite ability at will, generally applying it to all of its attacks.
  • Immunity to two energy types, and resistance to a third and fourth equal to 10 points plus 5 points for every 2 ranks the celestial has. A rank 9 celestial is immune to damage of all energy types.
  • True Celestial Immunities (Ex): Ability damage and ability drain, disease, poison, petrification, polymorphing and death from massive damage.
  • Regeneration (see table below). Weapons of opposite alignment to the true celestial, as well as spells with the descriptor of that alignment deal normal damage to a true celestial.
Table: True Celestial Regeneration
Rank Regeneration
1-2 10
3-4 15
5-6 20
7-8 25
9 301
  1. A rank 9 true celestial's regeneration cannot
    be bypassed by any kind of damage. The only
    way to destroy such a celestial is to get its
    non-lethal damage to exceed its maximum hit
    total and wish it dead.
  • Damage reduction (see table below). A true celestial's damage reduction is overcome only by magic weapons tempered with the alignment opposed to their own (good true celestials have DR/magic and evil, etc.).
Table: True Celestial Damage Reduction
Rank Damage Reduction1
1-2 10/magic
3-4 15/magic
5-6 20/magic
7-8 25/magic
9 30/magic
  1. Becomes DR/epic when the true celestial
    has over 25 HD.
  • Spells: True celestials cast spells as a cleric of an effective level equal to their Rank +6 and have access to all domains that are offered by there deity .
  • Spell-Like Abilities: True celestials usually have their own spell-like abilities, but next to these all true celestials have detect alignment in regards to their opposed alignment, detect thoughts,true seeing and tongues constantly active.
  • Turn or Rebuke Undead (Su): All true celestials can turn or rebuke undead, gaining their rank as a bonus to their effective cleric level for the purpose of turning undead. Good true celectials turn undead, whereas evil true celestials rebuke undead. True celestials of lawful or chaotic alignment may do one or the other, as stipulated in their creature listing.

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