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Lesser Deity
Symbol: Blackened Angel Wings
Home Plane: Material Plane
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Honor, Perseverance
Clergy Alignments: Any non-evil
Domains: Healing, Law, Fire, Strength
Favored Weapon: Unarmed. When disarmed a follower of Trron may use (only twice per encounter) unarmed attacks as though they were of colossus size (2d6)
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More information...

Trron was a perfect paladin of God from the Christian faith. After his death Christ had taken his soul and made him an Angel of the Lord. during his time as an angel he fought many wars against Lucifer and his devils. There came a time when Trron was sitting with Christ watching the mortal realm. God waved his hand out toward his creation and said, "Look my son, look upon the greatness that I have created." but all Trron saw was the people, people being greedy, and merciless, murderers, wrong doers. He also saw the helpless victims. Trron glanced over to see the guardian angels doing nothing about the weak being taken advantage of and murdered. He also saw Christ doing nothing to protect the people so pleading to him in the final moments of their lives, not even comfort. Trron was furious. "why do you stand around and to nothing?! All of you, the guardians, even Christ himself, what is wrong with you?" The Guardians looked stunned, Christ stood, "they are not our affairs, it is finished." Trron became outraged, his wings caught fire and his perfect white robes turned to ash. "If you will not protect the weak I will." He knew he could not protect them all, but one is better than none. Trron has made it his mission to protect all those in need of his aid. Although he resides in the mortal realm he is immortal.


Encouraged: Protect those who cannot protect themselves. Be humble. Know why you`re fighting. Know your enemy. Never give up.

Discouraged: Any act that would be deemed malevolent or evil.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Anyone who prides themselves in protecting people. Popular among guardsmen and city watch.

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