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Tremor [Power][edit]

The character gains futher dominion over the earth. He will now be allowed to create Tremors with his powers!


Str 30+, Evolved, Power Skill Earth Control +15 Ranks


This allows the character to create Tremors as if using the Earthquake. This ability functions exatly like the spell, with the changes on the table below. Since you have to roll your Earth Control Skill check for this ability to Activate, the higher the roll, the more intensity of the Tremor created. Although this cannot surpass the Actual spell. Also note that YOU are the center of this earthquake! But fear not. For the ground does not disappear beneith you, the ground starts splitting 5 ft. around you. As your ability(Punch or w/e for visual effect.) only triggers the earthquake.

Also Treat Caster level as Class level/Character Level.

Skill DC Range
Small Tremor 15 20-ft.-radius spread
Medium Tremor 25 40-ft.-radius spread
Big Tremor 40 60-ft.-radius spread
Huge Tremor 55 80-ft.-radius spread

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