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This is an index of traps and hazards in official 4e publications.

Name Level Type Role Source Summary
False Floor Pit 1 Trap Warder DMG 87 A covered pit is hidden near the center of the room. Timber covered with flagstones is rigged to fall when a creature walks on it, dropping the creature into a 10-foot-deep pit.
Rockslide 1 Hazard Lurker DMG 87 Rocks fall from above.
Spear Gauntlet 2 Trap Obstacle DMG 87 Hidden spears thrust upward from the floor in response to pressure. The individual trigger plates and spear-thrusting devices are connected to a key-operated control panel on the wall nearby.
Magic Crossbow Turret 3 Trap Blaster DMG 88 A pair of armored crossbow turrets drops down from the ceiling on the far edge of the room, peppering creatures with quarrels.
Doomspore 3 Hazard Obstacle DMG 88 Usually found in large, natural caverns, or in areas tainted by the Shadowfell, these patches of large, toadstool-shaped fungus can grow to be about 3 feet tall. When disturbed, a doomspore unleashes a cloud of deadly spores.
Pendulum Scythes 4 Trap Lurker DMG 88 Scything blades sweep across the room in a seemingly random pattern, cutting swaths at 5-foot intervals.
Kissing Maiden 4 Trap Lurker DMG2 66 When a square is entered, a section of floor slides aside and a stone post levers up to hit the creature in the square, pushing it back. The stone post then swings back down to reset the trap as long as the square is empty.
Whirling Blades 5 Trap Obstacle DMG 89 Blades rise out of hidden compartments and spin wildly across the chamber.
Treacherous Ice Sheet 5 Hazard Obstacle DMG 89 A slick sheet of ice creates a hazardous obstacle.
Poisoned Dart Wall 6 Trap Blaster DMG 89 Darts fire from the wall, filling the chamber with danger.
Falling Iron Portcullis 7 Trap Obstacle (Minion) DMG2 67 When a pressure plate is stepped on, a hidden iron portcullis drops from the ceiling, blocking the hallway.
Glyph of Warding 7 Trap Warder DMG 90 A hidden glyph around the door suddenly glows and explodes as you try to open it.
Daggerthorn Briar 7 Hazard Obstacle DMG 90 Found in deep woods and in the Feywild, daggerthorn briar is a bloodthirsty plant that some hard-hearted nobles use to guard the grounds of their villas.
Flame Jet 8 Trap Blaster DMG 90 Two hidden nozzles let loose a blast of flame.
Water-Filling Chamber 8 Trap Blaster (Elite) DMG2 67 When a character moves onto a central square in the room, reiniforced iron doors crash down over the exits, and a face carved in the wall opens its jaws to spew water into the room. Each iron door can be opened to prevent accidental entrapment, but each door release has three locks.
Caustic Geyser 9 Trap Blaster DMG 91 A geyser of acidic liquid explodes from the ground.
Electrified Floor 10 Trap Obstacle DMG 91 A stretch of hallway contains glowing blue floor tiles. When the wrong tile is stepped upon, an electrifying shock is triggered.
Burning Vapor 11 Hazard Obstacle MotP 22 Clouds of burning vapor are common on the Elemental Chaos. These mixtures of elemental fire and air inexplicably wander far and can be found throughout the planes.
Crushing Walls Room 11 Trap Blaster (Elite) DMG2 68 When a character moves onto a central square in the room, reinforced iron doors crash down over the exits, and two opposing walls begin to press inward. Each iron door can be opened to prevent accidental entrapment, but each door release has three locks.
Spectral Tendrils 13 Trap Obstacle DMG 91 Ghostly tendrils whip from the ground to lash at you.
Cave-In 13 Hazard Lurker DMG 91 A disruption of some sort sets off a chain reaction that doesn’t end until all the room is covered in rubble.
Cloud of Elemental Steam 14 Hazard Blaster MotP 67 A cloud of scalding steam drifts across the battlefield, seemingly attracted to living creatures.
Giant Rolling Boulder 14 Trap Blaster (Minion) DMG2 69 When this trap is triggered, a huge rolling boulder is releasedand crashes through afalse wall. It begins rolling down the hall,crushing everything in its path.
Vacuum Rift 14 Hazard Obstacle MotP 23 These holes in reality pull matter, air, and just about anything else into a strange gap between time and space.
Altar of Zealotry 15 Trap Lurker DMG 92 The altar ahead appears twisted and evil, and it radiates a disturbing feeling of maliciousness and dread.
Death Strangler Statue 16 Trap Blaster DMG2 70 This statue is of a masked humanoid holding wicked-looking spiked chains in each hand. When a creature approaches, it comes alive, lashing out with its chains.
Elemental Tiles 16 Trap Obstacles DMG2 71 The area is riddled with floor tiles that transform before your eyes. At times, each tile resembles stone that ripples like water; then it transforms to boiling ice. Later the tile dances with a flame-colored mist that crackles before it grows into spikes of lightning. Whatever these tiles are, they don't look stable.
Demonic Slime 16 Hazard Obstacle MotP 23 Wherever demons congregate for long, you are bound to find this sticky red slime that smells strongly of rot and the bitter iron tang of blood.
Chaos Storm 16 Hazard Blaster MotP 67 A churning mass of raw chaos rolls across the battlefield, leaving nothing unchanged by its presence.
Avernus Cinderstorm 18 Hazard Blaster MotP 23 A ball of hellfire streaks down from the sky and explodes on impact, becoming a roiling, angry cloud of hot embers. This phenomenon, sometimes called battle’s bane, is rare outside Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells, though it occurs in other astral dominions after fevered battles.
Field of Everflame 18 Trap Blaster DMG 92 As you move forward, the shimmering haze of heat around you erupts into a field of blazing fire.
Phantom Hunter 18 Trap Lurker DMG2 72 Wind rushes by and coalesces into a ghostly form that has roughly the shape of a large hunting cat. It attacks and then fades into nothingness.
Kinetic Wave 19 Trap Blaster DMG 92 The object ahead suddenly glows with power, and a wave of kinetic energy rushes forth, smashing into you like an ocean wave.
Pain Vault 20 Trap Warder DMG2 72 This highly complicated vault's lock looks like it's a pain to pick... and it is, in more ways than one.
Entropic Fissure 22 Hazard Lurker MotP 24 A shifting, writhing fold in reality churns in a mass of disgusting colors and abominable screams, whispers, and gurgles. It lurches toward you as if drawn by your living presence.
Life Eater Haze 22 Trap Obstacle DMG2 73 With a violent hiss, billows of blue-tinted purple gas fill the room. Each gasp of the vile stuff drains your strength and saps your life essence.
Entropic Collapse 23 Hazard Warder DMG 92 The chamber swirls with dust, as though no one has disturbed the place in a long, long time.
Symbol of Suffering 24 Trap Warder DMG 93 A glowing symbol wards the area ahead.
Far Realm Star Trap 26 Trap Blaster (Elite) DMG2 74 Light bends strangely in the room due to dimensional distortion. Motes that resemble starlight bob up and down in six places throughout the area.
Soul Gem 26 Trap Blaster (Solo) DMG 93 A strange, many-faceted gem in the center of the chamber suddenly emits blasts of blinding light.
Time Wrinkle 26 Hazard Lurker MotP 25 A time wrinkle is an area of reality where time and space have been irreparably damaged. The wrinkle is invisible, but if perceived, it looks like an impossibly long hair suspended in the air and writhing as if alive.
Maddening Mural 29 Trap Warder DMG2 74 A seemingly normal landscape is carved into the wall, but the more you look at it, the more you spot strange details. Images of vegetation hide eyes, mouths, and claws, and the shapes themselves start to twist into horrid monstrosities that reach out from the mural, lashing at your sanity.
Sphere of Annihilation 29 Hazard Lurker DMG 93 A strange sphere of impenetrable blackness hovers before you.

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