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Transfer Pregnancy
Level: Cleric 4, Sor/Wis 5
Components: Spell focus: a fresh tree seed
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: touch
Target, Effect, or Area: 1 target creature
Duration: until dismissed, or until birth
Saving Throw: Will
Spell Resistance: Yes

I'm an adventurer, I can't be pregnant!... but you know... my sister does nothing but work at that boring old shop all day...

30 minutes after casting this, the bump you once felt that was your unborn child/children fades away, and the person or creature you cast it on gains one!

After taking the 10 minutes you have 24 hours to cast the spell by touching your target, the target does not have to be female. If the spell fails, you have to wait another 24 hours before trying again. If the spell works the unborn child/children are effectively being carried by the new surrogate parent. This includes the targeted new parent will be carrying the child/children, and will take over the penalties for being pregnant. The caster will no longer feel morning sickness, or any other side effects of being pregnant, however, the original parent will still begin producing milk. The original parent will not know when it is time, or the location of their child//children, use of scrying is only way to discern that information (unless DM says other wise) The types of creatures this can be cast one must be a living creature, of the same type or subtype(IE humanoid, dragon ect.) a creature of another type is incapable of carrying a child/children of another species because of the length of gestation, and way each species caries their young (IE a dragon can't bare a human child because they lay eggs, or a Gnoll can't carry a human child because their gestation period is too short)ect. Creatures also must be at a mature enough age to bare children, and not be to old to bare children. Also be healthy enough to do so. If not old enough/too old/incorrect species the spell will still go off, but complications may Occur. (DM discretion) for spell to be dismissed caster must be able to physically touch the surrogate.

Females: Will carry the children, will not begin producing milk, and will carry as if it was theirs otherwise.

Males: Do not have the equipment to give birth, and also gain a +2 to their will save against the spell. Since males can not give birth when it comes time, either the female will have to dismiss the spell, or the children will stay within and continue to grow, this does no harm to the children. However, the males will feel uncomfortable and stretched out. Males are unable to know when it is time other then that. If the spell is not dismissed, the children can only be removed via magic or surgery. If the child/children are not removed in one month, the male must begin to roll a fort save once a week (starting at DC 10) and +2 for every week after to resist ripping open. If the creature has Natural armor the creature does not have to roll the fort DC until it exceeds said Natural armor +10 (IE NA of 5, said creature dose not have to roll until the third week)After they begins to roll their forts they add their NA to their fort save. Ripping open dose 2d6 con damage, or DM's choice.

DM notice

The part dealing with the male carrying the children is up for DM discretion and does not have to be used if not desired.

Focus: A fresh tree Seed

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