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Town Rules[edit]

In order to build a town in the Pandlechron setting, do the following steps:

  • Generate some basic information using the town generator found at [1]. The population and Gold Piece Limit are the important statistics you should use.
  • Use the following table to determine what types of magic items are available:
Town Size Minor Items Medium Items Major Items
Thorp 0 0 0
Hamlet 1 0 0
Village 2 0 0
Small Town 3 0 0
Large Town 5 0 0
Small City 5 1 0
Large City 7 2 0
Metropolis 7 3 1
  • Decide on the population breakdown by race (percentage wise)
  • Use the following table to determine how many Industries and how many Demands the town should have.
Town Size Industries Demands
Thorp 1 0
Hamlet 2 1
Village 3 1
Small Town 4 2
Large Town 5 2
Small City 6 3
Large City 8 4
Metropolis 10 5
  • For each industry, give the town a service.
  • Choose Organizations, NPCs, and Quests that fit the town.


Each town has specialties that affects what the town is like. When creating a town, it will have one or more industries chosen from the following list:


Towns may demand certain services or resources. When creating a town, its demands are chosen from the following list:

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