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Tortoise-Kin (or Tork for short) are a bulky slow race that tend to be a peaceful but should not be pushed around. Their appearance seems to be of a turtle and a tortoise were fused together and learned to stand on two legs. They can be from dark green to brown to grey-ish blue.


+2 Con & Wis, -2 Dex

A Tork's shell and hard skin grants it +6 Natural Armour.

Racial Ability: "Withdraw" As standard action, a the Tork withdraws into it's shell causing all attacks to hit the flat-footed AC and stopping the Tork from moving or attacking but doubling the Tork's natural Armour.

Movement speed: 20ft. They have a 20ft swim speed, and as such, can always take 10 on swim checks.

Initiative: -2

Like Dwarves, Torks are never slowed down by medium or heavy Armour, although torks cannot wear armour unless they get it custom fitted at twice the regular price to accommodate for their bulky bodies and shells.

Languages- Start with Common and Aquan.

Favored Class: Monk. A multiclass Tork’s Monk class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty.

Level Adjustment: +0.

Racial information: They are a mix of both turtles and Tortoises. A peaceful, Rainforest dwelling race who pass their knowledge from master to pupil valuing tradition and honour over strength or skill.

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