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Physical Description[edit]

Tonberries are not very big creatures, ranging from 2-3 ft. in height. They have a greenish hue color and round heads with pointed snouts. They have big round yellow eyes and resemble lizard people that shuffle very slowly on two legs. They are always wearing a tanish brown hooded cloak with the hood pulled back. Sticking out of the back side of the cloak, a small whale-like tail can be seen. In addition to always having a hooded cloak, they are also always seen carrying a lantern in one hand and a sharp kitchen knife in the other.





The Lantern



Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 Con, -4 Cha: Whilst tonberries are incredibly capable of taking a blow, they do not happen to have the cutest of natures.
  • Aberration
  • Small: AC/Attack modifier +1, Grapple/Break modifier -4, Hide Modifier +4, Carrying capacity X 3/4
  • Tonberry base land speed is 10ft.
  • Chef's Knife(Su) a.k.a. "Doink!": This ability only works when used with a knife or dagger of the kitchen variety. 1/day per character level a tonberry can spend a full round action to stab an opponent with a -4 on the attack roll. The damage varies from 10 - 80 points of damage with the one blow. A 1d8 is rolled to determine how much damage is dealt. A roll of

1: = 10 damage 2: = 20 damage 3: = 30 damage 4: = 40 damage etc.

  • Everyone's Grudge(Sp): This ability allows the retaliation of damage inflicted on the tonberry back to the opponent that caused the damage. The damage can ONLY be reflected back to the opponent that caused damage to the tonberry. The damage equals: total damage dealt at any given time by opponent/4. After Everyone's Grudge is used, the total damage dealt by that opponent is returned to 0 for purposes of damage retaliation. This ability can be used at will as a standard action.
  • Automatic Languages: Common.
  • Favored Class: Rogue.
  • Level Adjustment:

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