Toban's Shock Pulse (4e Power)

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Toban's Shock Pulse Warmage Attack 13
A pulse of lightning and pure energy erupts from you, chaining to nearby enemies as they undergo a similar explosion of power.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Force, Implement, Lightning
Standard Action Close burst 3
Primary Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Intelligence Vs. Fortitude
Hit: 4d6+Intelligence modifier lightning damage. Make a secondary attack.
Miss: Half damage.
Secondary Target: Each enemy within 2 squares of the target.
Secondary Attack: Intelligence Vs. Reflex.
Hit: 2d6+Intelligence modifier force damage and the target is pushed up to an amount of squares equal to half of your Wisdom modifier.
Note: Forced movement resulting from this ability is performed after all damage has been dealt.

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