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Toadstool Tears[edit]

There is a certain variety of mushroom, found only in dense glades and dark caverns, with glowing blue-green splotches across its white cap. When the cap is properly boiled and squeezed, a faintly glowing blue-green liquid can be drawn from it. This oily substance is often lightly applied to the forehead as a sleeping aid among those who suffer insomnia, but in a pinch, it can be used as a sedative against an adversary.

Type: Contact DC 15
Initial Damage: Fatigue
Secondary Damage: Unconsciousness for 1d8 hours
Price: 250 gp
Special: A character who is rendered unconscious by Toadstool Tears is considered to have been knocked unconscious by nonlethal damage, and retains whatever hit points they had before being exposed to it. As Toadstool Tears are not considered poison, a Paladin may use them, but must pay double the gp cost, and purchase them directly from their church.

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