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Notes about the Timeline[edit]

Much of time is relative due to how large planets are, or having some reason or another for progressing differently, so this Timeline will be for Biscorean times. This aligns with the Zabite times, due to both planets having the same year progression. There are also two notations: BTT (for Before the Tear) and ATT (After the Tear). These determine times before and after the Weave Tear. Major events in history will appear larger than minor events.

~5000 BTT[edit]

  • The Great God, Zodotis, creates life from the key elements of life: From Hope, came Humans. From Prosperity, came Elves. From Labor, came Dwarves. From Freedom, came Gnomes. It is written Zodotis had also manifested other Gods; Chagenim, the God of Trickery, Ilianim, the Light Bringer, and Machinim, that who wields the Blade. These four were known as the Core Gods, with Zodotis as the self-proclaimed leader of the Gods.

~4500 BTT[edit]

  • Zodotis creates other races, with the help of his other core gods. This makes creatures such as Goblins, Kobolds, Kenkus, and Goliaths. As well, Aasimar are created to be subsidiaries of the Gods.
  • Around this time, to the dismay of Zodotis, Chagenim creates many Monsterous foes upon the planet. This includes creatures such as Beholders, Dragons, and other creatures like this. Chagenim argues to Zodotis that he made these to challenge life to get better, but Zodotis did not listen, forcing Chagenim to be sealed forever within a Cosmic Jailcell. This cell was guarded by a newly made celestial, dubbed the Demofylak. This creature was a mix between a human's head, a lion's torso and arms, a horse's legs, and a turtle's shell.

~4000 BTT[edit]

  • Zodotis was feeling weary, so Zodotis granted the ability of creating more Gods to the races whom He brought into the world. This way, if enough persons believed in a being's existence, it would simply appear into the Heavens.
  • Zodotis, along with this, granted Magics to the world, through granting people with a small sum of his power as a base. From these people, more would learn Magic, and how to best use it.
  • Around this time, Human, Elven, and Dwarven civilizations were starting to grow more, and some races were intermingling with Humans as well. The beginnings of cities were gathering, mainly around water sources such as Rivers.

~3800 BTT[edit]

  • Cities start developing more, as well as many of the races adapting their own languages as well as knowing Common. As well, this is around the point where Goblins and Kobolds start to hit their stride of scavenging from other race's cities.
  • Kobolds also started to revere Dragons instead of Gods. Thus, a Dragon, called "R'gashdel" was added into the Heavens.
  • An unlucky Kenku tried to make a deal with Chagenim to get him out in exchange for being a diety, but instead got tricked into losing it's creativity and voice for not reading the contract written. Not only was this for himself, but for all Kenku's around the world.

~3600 BTT[edit]

  • Ideas of law and order develop more in Human and Dwarf cities, and many of the more intelligent beings in those cities decided to create laws. One of the more important of these figures, Heloki the Guide, was supposedly advised by Ilianim, but they were mere rumors.
  • As law develops, so does magic, with the first official College of the Magi being instated, led by a small sum of Wizards and some Sorcerers.
  • Due to followers of Chagenim, certain types of spells arose. Mainly, those of Necromancy and Enchanting were brought around. These types of spells were making some question the ethics of spellcasting.

~3400 BTT[edit]

  • Due to magic getting increasingly volatile and dangerous, many cities at the time put a ban on most magic, with the exception of spells which 1.) Heal that which is broken, whether it be person or the world, or 2.) That which can be used for betterment of others or society. While there was nothing wrong with knowing a spell against these laws, it was illegal to a.) Cast the spell, b.) Teach the spell to others without direct permission from a A.M.C. member, or an Anti-Magic Coalition member, or c.) Attempt to learn a spell against these rules. Anyone which fell to follow these rules were heavily punished, some with jail time and others death, mainly depending on level of spell, level of damage, and sometimes race.
  • This caused a massive outrage, especially from those within the College of the Magi, due to how limited practices were. Teachers of Magic, at this point, had to confirm it legally allowed to teach a spell which was questionable at the time, such as Enlarge/Reduce (which was controversial due to how you can diminish beings to kill them easier), Illusory Script (which could let beings trick others into losing money or property), and Grease (which didn't benefit nor harm many people that much), as examples.
  • Following the Magic Prohibition, many underground practitioners appeared, trying to illegally sell certain spells either due to making profit, or simply because they were passionate about Magic.
  • At this time, Smithing became a better known practice, allowing for better weaponry to be forged, rather than just spears and clubs. As well, Medium and some Heavy Armor began production in major cities, allowing for people to become better warriors and not relying on Magic. This led to a slight divide between Casters and Slashers, but it didn't result in much until later.

~3300 BTT[edit]

  • Legislation was getting more lax with rulings of Magic, and less so relied on execution unless the damage dealt was great.
  • Spells which were only used for self-betterment were ruled to be legalized, however this was not the case everywhere.

~3200 BTT[edit]

  • Tempers between the Casters and Slashers were rising, leading to many scuffles between those who wielded blades and those who wielded wands breaking out. No organized "war" was ever launched, however tensions were high enough to the point where simply saying the wrong word could lead to a fight.
  • Gilliar Lightborne was born around this time, and would practice in highly devout religious acts for Ilianim.

3156 BTT[edit]

  • Gilliar Lightborne would, after three days of negotiating with the Anti-Mage Coalition, convince them to repeal the Magic Ban, allowing casters to freely learn and cast many spells. The exception was for Necromancy, which was still considered immoral and couldn't be justified.
  • Many rejoiced and praised Gilliar Lightborne, some Casters even revering him as a God due to him convincing a seemingly impossible crowd to take his side. As such, a church of Lightborne was sprouted in North Zucris.

~2900 BTT[edit]

  • Development of spells increased further, and the first 9th level spell was born around this time: Wish.
  • As well, many more Sorcerers were sprouting up around this time, as the Gods were feeling generous with their powers, never thinking they would need it.

~2500 BTT[edit]

  • The kingdom of Great Dibeage arose itself, and was led by one Lord Vicese Dibeage. This kingdom led a ruinous land out of decay, and seemed a beacon of hope for the lands. Lord Vicese Dibeage himself seemed like he were brought from the heavens; He was an Elven lad, having long, blonde hair atop his head and a well-toned figure. He shook even the filthiest hands, always donning a smile across his face while greeting folks.

2214 BTT[edit]

  • Lord Vicese Dibeage was assassinated by one Jackspire Vilba, whom said he had done it to show Elves were inferior to Humans. He was subsequently put to death, as well as a new leader being chosen; The son of Vicese, Lord Elmosha Dibeage. He seemed less-so holy, and more-so devilish with his ways.
  • Elmosha wanted to display he was a strong leader, and claimed the Human-led North Zucris had hosted the assassin for a fortune. After this, he had said War was the only way to get back at assassinating his father.
  • As such, the Human-Elven War began.

2212 BTT[edit]

  • The battle of Yabble was waged, which was the most gruesome battle waged at the time. A total of 3,608 humans died, and 798 elves died. However, this was considered a Human victory, as the Elves had many more injured and retreating soldiers and mages.
  • The same year, the Saltcreek Skirmish happened, where a team of highly-trained Wizards led by one Captain Yilig Wet-Ear slaughtered upwards of 250 elven men, with a massive bombardment of fireballs streaking across the sky.

2211 BTT[edit]

  • The leader of North Zucris, Gabelli Pole, had offered Elmosha a treaty to stop the war. Elmosha didn't listen, leading to the Destruction of Great Dibeage on Firsum 15, 2211 BBT. (Or, at the time, it were considered 1295, as the Tear didn't happen yet.) The destruction which had occurred was caused by a Meteor Swarm launched by Yilig Wet-Ear, as well as other mages launching their strongest attacks toward the castle. This was considered "the most impromptu loss of life" by a monk, Smill Gavi of the North. This attack had forced Dibeage to no longer exist, and made the roughly 2000 whom survived, refugees. Lord Elmosha Dibeage was not found in the wreckage, assuming to be burned up by the onslaught of flames.
  • This marked the end of the Human-Elven War.

~1800 BTT[edit]

  • Brothels were illegalized in Zucris, causing some riots to occur.
  • Small wars between neighboring countries were rising, many of which the results of were lost to time.

~400 BTT[edit]

  • Large gaps in history were made, due to the Grandiose Librarium being scorched. The strangest part is that the place was made of Stone and Iron, so flames would need to burn past stone. This made much of history from the period between 1700 BTT and this time were lost to all but those whom were there.

~350 BTT[edit]

  • A gnome, Phalactus, was born in Hirega.
  • A meteor had crashed into Biscore, causing an island to be born out of it; Abyot.

~300 BTT[edit]

  • Around this time, Magic had just about gotten to it's peak in popularity and strength; Elves were the main learners and teachers of new spells, and some spells had even developed past the 9th level; These "Epic Spells" were cast through the vessels of many Wizards acting as one, and hardly were known, instead having to be invented by wise people.
  • One of the first to relinquish on the advent of Epic Spells was Phalactus, whom had gathered his few followers to practice with summoning of interdimensional beings.

277 BTT[edit]

  • Phalactus had finished his Great Tome of Summoning, and shortly after writing the final words, died in his home.
  • This Tome had contained many theoretically possible spells, but required so much Magic, that it wasn't possible by mere humans, elves, or the like.
  • The Great Tome had fallen into the possession of Grewthal, a studying goblinoid which thought the book would lead to his ultimate knowledge of Magic.

251 BTT[edit]

  • Bolezemut Habizilur was born, on the island of Abyot.

238 BTT[edit]

  • Grewthal had gathered the strongest Wizards around, as well as a Blue Dragon, and attempted to summon The Great One, Zaliz.
  • All of the power of the gathered Wizards were drained, pooling into the now-aged Grewthal and the Dragon, who he later named Voti.
  • Bolezemut had trained in the ways of Paladinship, and learned a great deal. He strove to be righteous, following in the path of Ilianim.

200 BTT - The Great Bout's Beginning[edit]

  • Grewthal had gathered more magically-powerful beings, and even help from the God, Chagenim. With all this force, a great boom could be heard from anywhere in Biscore, as from a huge tear in space came a horrifying being; Zaliz, the Great One. The entire island of Giylin was destroyed, many remarking that day as a horrifying event, as they could feel the world tremble beneath them. Zaliz himself was a sight to behold, as it appeared as a large, ever-changing mound of flesh the size of a mountain. An uncountable amount of eyes, mouths, limbs. The pale, shambling being's screech alone killed Grewthal and his followers, the sonic waves comparable to a Meteor Swarm's destruction.
  • The gods had noticed Chagenim's betrayal of all Celestial kind, and he were promptly killed; The first God to die.
  • Zodotis had commanded Machinim to destroy the creature, to no avail. Machinim, after doing nothing for a long portion of time combined with the overall decline in belief at the time, made him weaker. The Solunar Blade barely made a dent in the abomination's skin.
  • For the time, Zaliz could not do much besides destroy the area he had already ravaged. The beast had no way of traversing, at the moment. The gods decided to rally up the strongest to try and contest the being.

196 BTT - The Contest of Strength[edit]

  • After collecting many strong combatants through divine happenstance, the combatants were set. Many seeing Zaliz the first time had feared it, almost half of them fleeing from it out of pure instinct. Those who did not flee were hit by something they could not comprehend; Those who tried to fight at all instantly fell, as if a mental affliction caused them to become inflicted with a most intense pain.
  • Zodotis feared no person could contest it, and couldn't do much better in a fight than Machinim. Zodotis had blessed warriors whom had not already fallen to pain power to resist the Great One's pain. Only ten warriors were left to resist the aberration, including Bolezemut Habizilur, a Wizard by the name of Kivmoshu, a Barbarian simply named Furg, among others. After the attempts to fight it, Bolezemut's blade broke from the thickness of Zaliz's hide, Kivmoshu's bolts of lightning were absorbed into it, and Furg's anger led him to pass out before any noticeable damage was dealt.
  • After their defeat, the Gods had taken then to the Heavenly plane, to formally be trained.
  • Meanwhile, Zaliz's power had grown, allowing him to slowly traverse.

80 BTT[edit]

  • Zaliz had slowly travelled in the sea, destroying anything within it's way by simply tumbling into it.
  • Many people in boats travelling the Hirega Sea would see the grotesque beast, some not living to tell the tale.
  • The training for the Paladin, Wizard, and Barbarian had been steadily going along, however Zodotis feared he may need to help alongside them.

1 BTT - The Battle for Zucris[edit]

  • Zaliz had finally appeared at the edge of South Zucris, threatening the town with destruction.
  • Many had fled in terror from the creature, while those brave enough to fight had their bodies effectively immobilized and their brains in excruciating pain.
  • After the three heroes heard what was happening from Zodotis, they and the Core Gods went down to stop Zaliz once and for all. With all their might, and the sacrifice of the Core God's powers to help the heroes, Zaliz couldn't merely struggle into winning. Eventually, the beast was about to be sealed away by them, but a sudden shift caused the being to do one final attack, causing the Weave itself to be extremely strained with all the magic gathering in one point. With the screech of Zaliz, the Weave had suddenly broke, causing magic itself to break and for Zaliz to split apart into nearly a trillion pieces, scattered across the galaxy.

0 ATT - The Tear[edit]

  • As soon as The Tear happened, there was an immediate drain of Magic Power. All that could harness magic, could not anymore. All creatures naturally endowed with magic, stripped of such power. For five weeks, all-powerful sages of arcana became mere old men, and terrible fire-breathing dragons were just large, winged lizards.
  • Along side the Arcane magic, Cherical magic also vanished, which is assumed to be due to many Gods not wanting to risk losing their power from overloaning. This goes the same for Warlock patrons, many of which had taken back their powers the first notice of a Magic Void.
  • Around the same point, there were gateways spouting up, one of the first being in Zucris itself; A large, white walkway which lead to a foreign place, with a civilization similar yet different to their own. Many were suspicious of these gateways, or as they were later deemed, portals.
  • Kings around Biscore were making statements about what to do, but even many Kings had panicked from the incident.
  • After weeks of nothing, magic slowly seeped into certain parts of the world. Suits of Armor started walking by themselves, thinking as people do. Similarly, dragon-like people were starting to crop up here and there, saying that they were indeed Dragons, but could not prove it, as their magic was all but gone.
  • As well, many Beasts were claimed to act strangely, although it was claimed superstition. Peaceful cattle and swine became bloodthirsty monsters, rural farmers said. Few even said they say a Glint in the animal's eyes, like it were more than that.
  • Similar to the Beast stories, certain races - Mainly, Goblins, Kobolds, and Kenkus, started to act volitilely, some stated to be "as dangerous as a Demon". Many of those acting like so were incarcerated, then stopped roughly a week later, acting as if they had amnesia.
  • Travellers noticed that Irsdale had ground hard as rock, barely having the once green grass it used to. As well, crystals were scattered about the place, small at the time. The observant noticed they were growing as time went on.
  • Kenkus, as well, were granted the gift of Creativity once more, allowed to speak their own tongue rather than resorting to Mimicry.
  • Finally, weather seemed to become less common. Rain slowed, snow was a rarity, and fog never occurred. This caused farmers to worry for their crops, as they needed the water to grow strong crops.
  • Around the end of the year, Casters could slowly begin to cast Cantrips, taking a lot of effort to do so, but spells were nearly impossible.

2 ATT[edit]

  • After two years of research to the effects, Furg and Kivmoshu had noted down happenstances which had happened around the world. Kivmoshu had written a small theory about what had happened, and the effects of it, in a book aptly titled "The Magic Drought". In the book, he listed these things:
  • The event that happened two years ago was called "The Magic Drought", which he later stated was due to "too much magical energy in one place".
  • He stated, "I've slowly gotten used to casting Prestidigitation once again, so maybe after a period of time, Magic will weave itself back together."
  • Some magic was appearing in things which had no magic beforehand. He called this the "Magic Distribution theory", where when the Weave broke, Magic evenly distributed itself into all things, animate or not. This is why, he wrote about, "certain beings which aren't as well versed in Magic might act strange or even violent, due to not understanding what the power means."
  • Lastly, he wrote of Portals; "Doorways which seem to lead elsewhere. I've sent Furg, my closest compatriot through one, and so far he has not returned. I could only imagine the dangers of going through one. As for what you should do when you see one, do not approach them. You may be taken into a world far beyond our comprehension, like the beast which caused all of this."
  • Furg was reported dead by the end of the year, due to not appearing anywhere on Biscore.
  • Certain alien species started to arrive on Earth, some looking friendlier than others. From the most well-known portal, some Gith had emerged, to say a note of peace. Many were shocked that they knew Common, to which the Gith stated they were shocked Biscoreans knew Common.
  • A malaise of unease rested upon both parties, but they accepted the peace.

5 ATT[edit]

  • Great King Borik, of North Zucris, had made a speech, announcing the creation of the Public Department of Portal Usage and Extraplanetary Travel. This department would have people work as accepters of whom could travel through and who couldn't travel through portals legally. As well, they guarded portals which had sprouted in common places like Yabble, their capital. This new department gave jobs to those who had lost them in the chaos of Zaliz.
  • Great King Golirbes, of South Zucris, said they would utilize the same system in their continent, despite no mainstay portals appearing there.
  • Over the years, Gith had made ambassadorial missions to communicate information between themselves and Biscoreans. The gith state that there are more than a plentitude of beings not too different from Biscoreans. Over a period of time, enough information is shared to the point where Biscorean ambassadors wrote a FAQ guide for new members of the P.D.P.U.E.T.

7 ATT[edit]

  • Elven folk start to notice a decline in overall morale. Many elves don't know what caused this, but it was likely to due with the Fey no longer watching over them, like they had used to. Similar to the Elves, Forest Gnomes lost the sense of magic within them. Sure, they could still cast Minor Illusion if they tried hard enough, but the strain on them made it feel unnatural to do so.

11 ATT[edit]

  • Human and Dwarven mechanics were working on something to help adjust with the lack of Magic. There was no official name for the project they were working on just yet, however the Head of this project, Gulsneg Greatarm, wanted to create tools which did what Magic used to do; Transportation, Healing, and even causing damage. Many things happened this year, but nothing substantial enough to mention.

12 ATT[edit]

  • Gulsneg Greatarm, along with his team, had brought about a presentation in Yabble, to display what they had worked on; Technology. With specific substances, such as Gunpowder, they can create combustions similar to a Fireball's flames. As well, they had made a salve which had acted similar to any Cleric's Cure Wounds, made with a mix of off-world Berries and Irsdale's Crystals, which now got the name of Valin, due to the founder of this salve being named Vavalin Gitz.
  • These two revelations shocked people, and most of all, brought hope that Magic wouldn't be needed anymore. Gulsneg and his team had deemed it, "The Technological Advancement Project".
  • Some Rock Gnomes get interested, such as Siv Folly and Porac Bulg. They had joined the project to help construct guns.

15 ATT[edit]

  • A human, named Magofin Thomson, had discovered a property of a specific crystal: Valin. When struck by lightning with an Iron Rod, Valin would shift to a black color, almost like soot. However, this Black Valin would have the property of drawing in metallic objects. With this revelation, he had marketed his new invention, the "Mag Net", later combined into one word for ease of pronunciation.

19 ATT[edit]

  • After a while of tinkering, Gulsneg and the T.A.P. team had manufactured a round for arrows which detonated upon impact. Gulsneg was proud of it, but saw more. He thought, "What if it shot out with that combustion?" Thus, explosive arrows were shelved, and Gulsneg's team got back to work.
  • Around this time, Magofin was killed. The exact details are muddied, but they say he made a larger version of his Magnet, and a large iron spike jabbed him in the heart.

25 ATT[edit]

  • Rough workings of a Cannon were in development, which fired large stone balls. They were able to fire the ball, but the muzzle of the cannon was inaccurate, and was prone to self-detonation a tenth of the time.
  • Around the same time, a small group of Rock Gnomes were selling more efficient explosive arrows: Ones which caused larger explosions, and could be produced easier.

27 ATT[edit]

  • The finalized 2.5 Stonecannon was released early this year, and was sold to strong militaries. These 2.5 Stonecannons were rarely used, as many places were at peace on Biscore. However, they were also purchased en masse by Zabite armies.
  • As well, the beginnings of a generator were starting to be made, by an unknown Half-Elf. They wrote about their discoveries, but nothing much was done besides him noticing a strange interaction between copper wiring and magnets.

30 ATT[edit]

  • A new cannon was developed by the same group of Rock Gnomes, now known as the Fotili Corp, called the 2.2 Scatterblast. This cannon introduced a different type of ammunition, which fragmented when shot out. The cannon's barrel was specifically designed for the new ammo, allowing it to fire further. The 2.2 Scatterblast was less good at bunker-busting, and more designed for dealing with foot soldiers.

85 ATT[edit]

  • A scuffle between a settlement of Dragonborn from Zabbet and South Zucris broke out, and was quickly dispersed the same year.

~100 ATT[edit]

  • Steam Engines are invented around this time, modernizing ships by allowing them to travel more efficiently and not having to rely on the wind alone.
  • Around this time, as well, some Human found notes from a Half-Elf based on the interactions between copper and magnets. Eventually, they started to work more on development with these ideas, and was starting work on the first working generator.

131 ATT[edit]

  • The first Musketgun was made, by the T.A.P. team, now called Gulsneg Tech. They soon popularized Musketguns, advertising them as the weapon of the future. They were bought by many adventurers, and subsequently were popularized by an Otherworlder named Filay Quickhand, who both was well-versed with and was good at creating firearms. However, only the wealthiest of adventurers could realistically afford firearms, as not many knew how to produce them efficiently, creating them slowly. Another unmentioned downside was misfiring your gun, which costed a hefty cost to repair.

146 ATT[edit]

  • The Calender's around Biscore and Zabbet were adapting a new date system, since the Tear was such a significant event that it was to be deemed to make a New Age. Thus, the terms "BTT" and "ATT" were commercialized with time.
  • Similarly, working Generators were constructed, however most were used for powering lavish abodes. These generators could power another relatively new invention; Lightbulbs, made to produce light in place of flames. Certain rich folk, however, preferred the allure of a good Chandelier as opposed to the relative blandness of a bulb.

~148 - 187 ATT - The Electrical Boom[edit]

  • This point in time was marked as the Electrical Boom, as many devices which utilized the increasinly-common electricity, or helped with the flow of electricity. This included the making of the first Battery, switches, and combining Steam Engines and Generators to make Steam-Fueled Generators. These were mainly used to power more and more places with less energy than turning a crank by hand or by labor in any other way.
  • Around this point, it seemed technology started to thrive, as many different types of Firearms were showing up on the market. The main was a Flintlock Pistol, which was both compact and simple enough to use by many people, as opposed to the more difficult to use and clunkier Musketgun. This new Flintlock was also the more chosen weapon of Filay Quickhand. A final upside was it was relatively faster to make, needing less parts overall. As a result, many more Flintlocks were in production.
  • Magic, around this time, starts to catch up to a similar power where it once stood before the Tear. A select few Spellcasters are able to cast 7th-9th level spells, with great strain on his or herself, however it was possible. With this revelation, many Elven cultures sought this Era as a time to rejoice, for their Fey-like ancestors were smiling upon them.
  • Around this time, belief in three Gods were popular; Bolezemut, whom was already known across Biscore as a God through hard work; Zaliz, the Great One, which had caused the Tear in the first place, was revered for their uncaring chaos; and Boxidon, which was less celebrated for anything noble or powerful, but more so as a community joke which hardened itself into a God. These three essentially replaced the Gods of Olde, although some Clerical factions still prayed for their Olden Gods' power to return once more.
  • A final note is how, during this era, portals which lead further out into the universe, beyond the span of the Faunalun Galaxy (a name now popularized by many places around the two most common planets), were becoming more commonplace, rather than occasional blips. In addition, more portals which did not disappear after a time were appearing, causing profiteering off of portals to become a common thing. The laws which deemed portal-staking were confusing, so around this time, the government issued higher-up members of the P.D.P.U.E.T. to make a fair system. They decreed, "If you own the land the Portal appears on, you initially own the portal. However, you may sell the owned Portal for any amount, which can be profitable or not." A lot of paperwork was required to officially buy a Portal off of someone's land, and since you couldn't move it, if it were in an inconvenient spot, you'd most likely have to buy the surrounding land and pave it over to make the portal more popular.

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