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Time Traveller[edit]

You were born far from now in an unknown future, but why did you travel back? Did you want to meet an idol of yours? Are you simply an explorer? Maybe you're trying to save the world from a threat that destroyed the future? Did you even choose to come back? Who designed the technology? How does time travel work in your world? Maybe you attempted to travel back but accidentally got transported to a different universe? What is your future like? Is time travel a one time thing or a common occurrence?

Skill Proficiencies: History, Medicine

Tool Proficiencies: Choose 2 from Artisans Tools, and one Musical Instrument.

Languages: You know common and one other language from the present or future.

Equipment: One futuristic trinket or piece of tech, laser or modern pistol with 20 ammo, futuristic or modern clothes and a pouch containing future currency worth 20 gp.


You must have come back in time for a reason, so why did you?

d6 Reason
1 I need to save my future by stopping something bad from happening in the past
2 To save my future I must kill someone in the past
3 Someone wronged me in the future, so now I seek to kill them when they were younger
4 In my time I'm an outcast, so I'm trying to take refuge in the past
5 The past is full of wonders and I want to explore and see them all.
6 My idol lived in the past and I want to meet them.

Feature: Nobody[edit]

No one knows who you are, there are no records anywhere of you ever having existed. You also know certain things that have happened already in your time, that may not have happened yet in your current time. These traits might lead to people attempting to investigate you, but also will make it easier to fake your identity.

Alternate Feature:[edit]

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I have a hard time adjusting to the ancient world around me.
2 I have a list of people and things I have to see.
3 I have no idea how I got here.
4 I hate this world and its antiquities.
5 I have futuristic rituals I have to conduct every day.
6 I think I should be part of my memory.
7 I am incredibly proud of my scientific breakthrough.
8 I am excited to live in this past world far from my future life.
d6 Ideal
1 Home. I have to get home, I can't stay here. (Any)
2 Legacy. I have to leave my mark on the world no matter what. (Chaotic)
3 Power. I will use my knowledge of the universe to my advantage and others disadvantage. (Evil)
4 Justice. Someone wronged me in the past, I have to make it right. (Neutral)
5 Heroism. I have to stop a tragedy that has befallen my land. (Good)
6 Responsibility. I will use my knowledge of the world to help the people and do the right thing. (Lawful)
d6 Bond
1 My family is out there somewhere, I know they're safe.
2 I am out there somewhere. I don't know what will happen if our paths cross.
3 My hero is still alive. I have to find him and warn him.
4 As long as I have this token of my home time I will be okay.
5 My greatest enemy hasn't been born yet.
6 I am completely and utterly alone.
d6 Flaw
1 I like to tamper with history in ways that could prove catastrophic.
2 I know absolutely nothing of how I got here.
3 I stand out like a sore thumb everywhere I go.
4 I am not equipped for whatever the past may hand me.
5 I know everything about the future, at least, I think I do.
6 I have no flaws, my will is the way. Others may disagree.

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