Thunder Step (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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You can flank an opponent by yourself and make a full attack.

Thunder Step

If you can't be seen, you can't be struck.

Level: Active 4
Type: Action (Movement)
Prerequisites: Ground Tornado, Wind Step, 4 Active Flow maneuvers.
Description: You circle around a single opponent with extremely fast steps, using bursts of speed to land every attack you make during the round in a different spot, or from a different direction, allowing you to flank that opponent singlehandedly. Unlike with Wind Step, this maneuver doesn't allow for a Reflex saving throw. The flanking bonuses you receive on your attack rolls increase to +4 and while using thunder step, your effective initiator level increases by 4 for the sake of bypassing improved uncanny dodge. While using thunder step, you may end your turn in any one of the squares adjacent to your opponent's square.
Special: This maneuver can be activated as a swift action, its effects applying on every attack you make during your turn.

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