Three-Section Staff (4e Equipment)

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Three-Section Staff[edit]

Superior Melee Weapons[edit]

Double Weapon

Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Three-Section Staff +2 1d8 25 gp 5 lb. Staff Defensive, Stout
- Secondary end +2 1d8 Staff Off-hand

The three-section staff, or sansetsukon is comprised of three wooden rods, each about 2 feet long, connected by metal rings or rope. An adaptable weapon, it can be used at length with whip-like sweeps, at mid-range like a flail, or like paired batons for close-in fighting.

A sansetsukon

The three-section staff grants you a +1 bonus to AC while you wield it in both hands. To gain this benefit, you need not attack with the three-section staff, but you must be proficient with it.


The three-section staff can be treated as a two-handed weapon.


The secondary end of the three-section staff counts as an off-hand weapon.

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