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Some of you may be asking yourself why someone would create a world and post it on a website where it can be edited and possibly never again look like what you had in mind? Well I will tell you why. I love DnD and I have been playing since I was 12 and I have created many worlds and have also just made my own cities and whatnot in an existing world. I created Olyptia when I started writing my book and I thought "Hey why not make it a DnD campaign setting?" so I did and here it is.

  • It provides a TEMPLATE for a campaign. I have only created the world of Krzyn in which Olyptia is a landmass but there is tons of room to add whatever realms you like.
  • A rich history which has shaped the world into a land where almost everyone has a role and can fit somewhere in society.
  • I just love the game so much that I gave someone something that might inspire them to create their own worlds or to add to this one and be part of the creation and expansion of the Olyptian Cosmos.

So go on and add what you want. This is here to strike the DM spark inside all of you. Enjoy.

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