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The Watcher[edit]

Lesser Deity
Symbol: A White Mask (Design Varies), A Pure Black Eye, An Eye With A Rainbow Iris, A Mirrored Eye
Home Plane: The Watchtower (Demiplane), Astral, Mechanus, Limbo
Alignment: None but has Lawful Tendencies
Portfolio: Divination, Detectives, Secrets, Truth & Lies
Clergy Alignments: None but followers usually have Lawful tendencies
Domains: Knowledge, Illusion
Favored Weapon: Dual Long Daggers

The Watcher is another Ascended Mortals of Yaodune. He was a Rogue and Wizard specializing in Divination who was infamous for rooting out secret plots and conspiracies. Like all of the Yaodune Pantheon of Ascended Mortals, he simple rose to divinity my merit of his deeds, starting after he died.


The Watcher actively encourages paranoia amongst his acolytes. To seek knowledge, especially secrets others don't want you to know.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Followers of The Watcher don't neccesarily meet to worship The Watcher, but to exchange information. Otherwise, they are awfully solo in their reverence of him.

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