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The Throne of Heroes[edit]

This subclass is for the Warlock Patron. Those people who shall be remembered by the collective of humanity, whether they are heroes or villains are removed from the cycle of reincarnation to be worshipped and called upon when humanity as a whole are threatened. Some of these spirits wish to once more influence human events but need a mortal to work through. Whether it is luck or fate the Throne has smiled upon you and will grant you the tools to one day join them in greatness.

Expanded spell list

1st level charm person, sleep 2nd level prayer of healing, scorching ray 3rd level animate dead, lightning bolt 4th level dominate beast, polymorph 5th level geas, planar binding

Magic Resistance

At level 1 you may use Charisma for any saving throw against spells that would cause you damage. At level 10 you gain advantage on these saving throws. At level 14 on a success you take no damage from the spell on a failure you take half damage.

Presence Concealment

At level 6 the most famous assassins of the world have helped you hone your craft. You gain proficiency in Stealth and Deception. If you have proficiency you gain expertise.

The Greatest Stories Never Told

At level 10 the greatest heroes throughout history have shared some of their stories with you from their perspectives. You gain proficiency in History and Persuasion and you have advantage to these checks.

Acknowledgement of the Kings

The strongest of the throne have acknowledged your worth and skill and you may be entitled to enter the throne yourself at your death. At level 14 you are considered the pinnacle of what a warlock should be, you have one additional spell slot and you gain +1 to your spell attack bonus and spell save DC.

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