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The Sword of the Green King[edit]

The Sword of the Green King is appropriate for characters in the Epic tier and upward. The Sword of the Green King functions as a +5 Longsword.

The Sword of the Green King
Epic Level
This weapon shimmers with a silver green and smells lightly of mint. The sword belonged to the last King of the Feywild who spent his last years exploring the elemental chaos.
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls.
♦ The weapon has three charges. These charges can be spent to do an extra 1[W] bonus damage. Using a charge takes no action, thus the charges can be spent individually or several at a time. Charges are replenished with an extended rest.
♦ When attacking Elementals or Immortals you gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.
♦ Damage inflicted with the sword can be changed between untyped and cold damage as a free action.
♦ You gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks made while wielding the sword
♦ PCs with Fey creatures, Half-Elves, and Warlocks who have a Fey-Pact can treat the sword as an arcane implement they are proficient in.
Power (Cold) ♦ Daily (Minor Action)
Cha + 6 vs Reflex; Range: 10; 1[W] + Cha cold damage and the target takes 5 ongoing cold damage and is slowed (save ends).

Goals of The Sword of the Green King[edit]

  • To defeat elementals in battle.
  • To protect fey from harm.
  • Explore the Elemental Chaos, and find its secrets and treasures.
  • To find someone to replace him on the throne.

Roleplaying The Sword of the Green King[edit]

The Sword of the Green King is kept in the late king's air ship. The air ship itself is stored deep within the secret Eladrin "embasy" in the Elemental Chaos. Those generals that know of it's existence have all tried to retrieve it in order to return it to the Fey wild. Every attempt has met with failure. When it is lifted to this purpose it becomes very cold and feels as though it weighs several hundred pounds. Frostbite wounds result as well as wounded pride. The is a an Object long forgotten, and carries within it the spirit of its creator, The last man to fight with the sword. He is on a constant mission to save someone to whom he had been unable to, and now embodies those ideals on less of a personal level. Aiming to slay all unnatural monsters out of revenge, and prevent women from being drawn into the battles of men out of regret. Not having been one to back down in life, part of the reason for his demise, he attempts to shine that into anyone who wields him, encouraging them to never flee from a fight, regardless of the odds against them. Their is a lot of regret and revenge inside of this sword, and it wishes for harm not to befall anyone unnecessarily.


When gripped for the first time nothing of any supernatural behavior happens, the weapon seems to be a normal sword, though a strange one at that. The First time the wielder uses it in battle they'll realize that something is strange, and understand that their rests a soul inside of it. However the legacy of this item will not reveal itself until the "Exceed" System is used, ether by fluke or understanding of the object through historical notations. Once unleashed Their will be a connection between the two, and asks the wielder to take up his fallen quest of slaying demons and saving those in distress.

Starting Score 5
Owner gains a level +1d10
Owner counts as a Fey (once) +2
Owner kills an Immortal or Elemental (maximum 1/day) +1
Owner brings a fey back from unconsciousness (maximum 1/day) +1
Owner visits a new realm of the Elemental Chaos (maximum 1/day) +1
Owner, or an ally of the owner, attacks a fey creature -2
Owner attacks a just monarch or fails to confront a corrupt one (maximum 1/encounter) -2

Pleased (16-20)[edit]

"The new king is very close..."
Enthusiastic about progress of the owner the sword reports that the new king feels closer with each passing day. The sword empowers the owner with all it's powers to expedite the process. The spirit the lay within the sword is visible around the owners body as the blade is used. The two fight together as one making attack reach all the further.

Property: The owner gains Resist 20 to Cold damage.
Property: The weapon gains a reach one bonus due to the spiritual being lurking over top the owner's body
Property: Once per encounter the owner can spend a charge as a minor action to give all adjacent allies +CHA modifier to all Defenses until the end of your next turn.
Property: The weapon counts as a +6 enchanted longsword.

Satisfied (12-15)[edit]

"Protect the fey and those who would protect them."
At this stage The Sword of the Green King is happy with the sights he has seen and is starting to overcome it's lust for new sights. The sword becomes obsessed in finding the new king of the Feywild. The prophesied ruler that will unite the Feykingdoms under a single banner without a bloody war sure to last ages and leave the land more broken that it was to begin with.

Property: Gain Resistance 10 to Cold damage.
Property: The owner can spend a Healing Surge without gaining extra hit points to store an extra charge on the sword.
Property: The owner can spend a charge to give an ally +2 to all Defenses.

Normal (5-11)[edit]

"Adventure is out there!"
The Sword feels as though the owner might have a personality compatible with its own, However it urges to feel more from them before opening itself up.

Unsatisfied (1-4)[edit]

"You're not what I had in mind..."
The Sword no longer appreciates the company of its owner, and will punish the wielder until the owner gets rid of the sword, or acts more appropriately towards a relationship that it will enjoy. It mocks you as you attempt negotiations.

Property: The Damage of the weapon is reduced to 1d6
Property: The Sword Requires you to spend a standard action to change its type between fire and untyped.
Property: The sword’s enchantment bonus drops to +4.
Property: You gain a -2 penalty to Diplomacy checks.

Angered (0 or lower)[edit]

"You are not worthy."
At this point the sword is sending out waves of disappointment. It wants nothing more then to be rid of its owner and will soon leave to find a more fitting host.

Property: The Sword’s enchantment bonus is removed
Property: The wielder takes 5 ongoing cold damage when using the sword
Property: The Sword's Damage is reduced to 1d4

Moving On[edit]

"Farewell Failure"
When the sword no longer wishes to stay with the person who holds it, it explodes into shard of ice, leaving a massive scar on the owner's forehead that cannot be cured or removed. The shape of the scar is up to the DM's digression.

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