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The Subtle Knife: Who forged this unique blade is unknown, as is the methods they used to hone its edge. The result is a dagger sharper than any other weapon in existence. It is an ordinary-looking dagger, with a double-sided blade of dull metal about eight inches long, a short crosspiece of the same metal, and a handle of rosewood. Upon closer inspection, one would notice that the rosewood was inlaid with golden wires, forming a design of an angel, with wings folded. On the other side is a different angel, with wings upraised. The wires stand out a little from the surface, giving a firm grip, and when picked it feels light in the hand; strong and beautifully balanced. A swirl of cloudy colors seems to live just under the surface of the metal: bruise purples, sea blues, earth browns, cloud grays, the deep green under heavy-foliaged trees, the clustering shades at the mount of a tomb as evening falls over a deserted graveyard.

To wield this weapon, one must win it from its previous bearer. Upon taking possession of the blade, the new bearer will lose two fingers from their dominant hand; either in the fight for the knife or through some accident soon afterwards. This injury cannot be cured by any means (including spells such as regeneration or wish).

The Subtle Knife is a +5 Keen Ghost Touch Dagger. One edge is perfectly sharp: it will cut through any material as though it were butter. Attacks with The Subtle Knife need only succeed on a touch attack to deal damage. Additionally damage dealt with The Subtle Knife ignores all damage reduction and hardness.

The other edge is even sharper: it can cut through the fabric of reality, allowing the creation of 'doorways' to parallel worlds. As a full round action, The Subtle Knife can be used to create a window to another Plane, as the spell Gate. The window cannot be used to summon outsiders, but will remain open until closed; the edges of the window can be 'pinched' together as a full round action. This technique is known instinctively by anyone who bears the Knife; they retain this knowledge even if it leaves their possession, and they can teach it to others
Strong Conjuration; CL 20th; Weight: 1 lb.

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